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Summer is drawing to a close, and for many pre-collegiettes the end is near.

Not just the end of barbecues, summer jobs and lazy days at the pool, but—for girls who have just finished their summer after high school graduation—the end of life as they know it before college.

Don't bring him back to your dorm room and let him turn on a stupid movie like .

Don't let your gay best friend take you to the campus watering hole for the first time on a Tuesday night in mid-October of your freshman year. Don't let the cute stranger buy you a shot of tequila.

When he buys it anyway, don't take a whiff of it so you know what you're getting yourself into.

But when in a long-distance relationship, being able to trust your boyfriend when he is out by himself or being able to honestly talk about problems that arise becomes exponentially more important.

Going to college is also a unique situation – freshman year, you will have the chance to meet all sorts of new people and have many new and different experiences.

Take the shot of tequila (come on, it's college and it's Tuesday night), cough, and suck on that lime until you need to gasp for air.

Don't give in when his friends start chanting, "Kiss him! When he texts you asking to pregame with him on Halloween, don't go. Have fun getting all dressed up and do each other's make up.

A great roommate can make all the difference in school. Deciding on what kind of computer you'll have is also a big decision that will influence several aspects of your college life. Is it powerful enough to run graphics programs or economic models you'll need for your major? What if your cute lab partner is complaining because adjunct professors weren't invited to convocation?

College life is full of acronyms and new lingo: do what you can to familiarize yourself with it before you arrive.7. Everything from meeting people to making it through your first week takes a lot of courage -- but pushing yourself through will make a huge difference during your entire time at school.8.

Don't drink too much and wake up half-naked on the bottom bunk in his dorm room.

When he asks you out on a date, still half-drunk, the morning after, don't say yes — or, god, at least wait till he's sober.