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But if you’d like to try this experiment for yourself, here’s what you will need: Hypothesis: It is more cost-effective to find a spouse by running targeted Facebook ads than it is using an online dating service. If you are looking for a bigger comparison, I’d recommend Wikipedia’s comparison of online dating websites). It could be recurring themes from previous boy/girlfriends, things you’ve enjoyed doing, or just a dream list. The list is just a starting point to get you to narrow your audience later on.For this to be more cost-effective, it begs a question… Having a specific audience will keep your costs down and your chances of new dates up. I remembered back in high school the classic “half-your-age-plus-seven” rule. Do you remember the list of qualities we created above of your ideal spouse? I’d recommend typing some keywords based on each point into the detailed targeting section.

The final barometer of success will be which site provides me with a spouse. But really, getting any trusted advice should be useful.And, unlike all those Singles Sites out there, YOUR own marital status is NOT going to be an issue here.And that means you can confidentially and anonymously* browse the local married personals and meet married women for a discrete affair or casual encounter, or even a brand new relationship to replace your existing unhappy one.Ever have one of those brilliant ideas at 4 in the morning? Sometime after last night’s sausage burned through my stomach. “And it could be a huge time and money saver.” What makes sense in a half-sleeping stupor, does not always work out well when fully awake. Using the Drake Equation of romance, I estimate the number of potential spouses in Spokane is 64. (How I arrived at the number of potential spouses – 212,067 X 51% (women) X 31% (never married) X 16% (20-29; age appropriate) X 12% (evangelical protestant) X 10% (reciprocal attraction; which I guess is higher than the below example due to shared beliefs). I won’t pretend this experiment is statistically significant. Although this isn’t perfect, I will use the number of first dates from a site to be one measure of success. The second measurement will be which sites leads to the most long-term dates. But this is 10x more important you get a good fit shopping for your soul mate than a pair of jeans.Given the population of my town is over 212K people, that’s less than a .03% chance of finding a spouse. I’m not planning on droppin’ several G’s on a longitudinal study to wait for other folks to get married. I decided to change gears and run the Facebook experiment against 5 sites: (I wrote a personal review of each site below. I will define this by going out with someone for more than 3 dates. Before we begin, if you are doing this experiment, I’d recommend you list out some of the characteristics you’ve been or are attracted to in a spouse. We will add more later when going through Facebook’s available options.If you only want to see people of a specific age, height, weight, geographic location or marital status then that is all you see when you browse the listings.The discreet personals affair dating email system ensures that your private mail messages are secure.Detailed married personal ads will tell you all about your potential match's personality and interests so you can quickly determine who is worth talking to and who would not be intrested in you.You choose the type of married people dating sites you wish to be able to see when you browse the married women who meet your requirements AND who in turn are looking for someone just like you.If you are open to a relationship with a single person then it will also match you with a singles who don't mind having a relationship with a married person.