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Gateway Connections, its successful matchmaking service, employs a team of talented, sensitive and energetic matchmakers who work day and night connecting couples, and following up on every date with a call, to discuss, advise, and provide encouragement to participants. Tens of thousands of Jewish singles and marrieds alike have done so through Rebbetzen Esther Jungreis' Hineini organization.
I have some ideas and have already done some of the basics for her B-day and other events (such as: a photo album).

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When we begin to understand what it means to be truly forgiven, we begin to see through God's eyes and how much He must love us, and that helps us forgive others.

To forgive is to let go of the other person’s past and see him or her as a new creation (2 Corinthians ).

However, I am freaking out over the fact that he has been with someone else. We have talked about this a couple of times during the past week, but we live 3,000 miles apart, and it's easy for me to pretend I don't know what happened.

I understand that he is forgiven and that this sin is no different from any other sin, but I feel betrayed by something he did before we even knew each other. Not surprising given the high rates of self-reported pre-marital sexual activity.

He happily agreed and confirmed that he was indeed still looking forward to a future with his beloved. I share it with you not only because I’m very excited for Reflecting and his new love, but also as a reminder to those of you who are still holding on to the narrower ideas that Reflecting struggled with.

He recognized they hypocrisy of his position, being divorced and annulled himself.Also, the thought of knowing that she hasn't been with any guys makes her much more desirable, at least in my mind.” Even though some guys might be surprised to discover that you’re still holding on to your V-card, most of them think it is very respectable.“She must be waiting for the right person,” says Garret, a senior at the University of Michigan.Before entering a marriage with someone with a sexual past, it’s crucial to understand that salvation and forgiveness of sin are given to us by grace."By grace you have been saved through faith; and that not of yourselves, it is the gift of God; not as a result of works, that no one should boast" (Ephesians 2:8-9).But he nevertheless acknowledged his strong preference for a “non-married, non-divorced, non-widowed, childless, virgin woman,” and that he had hesitations about dating any woman with a sexual past. (Actually, I got a letter from him several months ago, but I didn’t find it until recently.) This, in part, is what it said: I am pleased to inform you that I believe I have met my next wife and yes, she comes with life experiences, but I truly believe that God has given me the grace to accept this person in the state that she comes to me.I wrote back to him just to make sure that the intervening months hadn’t brought any unhappy changes in their situation and to get his permission to post excerpts from his letter again.He told me this because we are planning to get engaged, and he wanted me to know so that I would have the opportunity to end the relationship.I have no desire to break up with him — I feel he is the man God has for me to marry.Your own, alone with the perfect image of your imaginary “spotless” bride?Or his, standing next to a very real, beautiful, holy woman of God, looking forward to a future that was clearly destined by Him?