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Dating a mommas boy

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Image source: apprisen Here is everything you need to know about dealing with a mama’s boy after you start dating one. Make sure you know how you feel about the situation It is completely understandable if you are annoyed and slightly overwhelmed with your boyfriend’s mother and her constant presence in your life.

It’s so much more fun to tease him this way, knowing I hold the keys to his manhood.

How would you react if you were locked like this with my ass rubbing uselessly against you?

It can be quite intimidating and claustrophobic (again, no one is judging).

However, someone eventually has to break the bubble for your boyfriend, and from the position of the “other” woman in his life, there is very little chance that this revelation will go down well with him or his mother.

Talk it out with him and make sure that there is no such misconception in his mind, and that he does expect you to behave like her in her absence. Set boundaries for your boyfriend As his girlfriend, you get this much authority which you can exercise judiciously over him.

This is one of the most effective ways to speed up the process of growing out of his pre-pubescent love for his mother.

Spending time with your boyfriend’s mother will establish good relations between the two of you, and she will also cease to feel threatened by your presence, and neither will your boyfriend crave for her company all the time. Do not get too attached to your boyfriend right from the start Image source: Google, copyright-free image under Creative Commons License It does well to know that dating a mama’s boy is no easy task.

I have to warn you, being the girlfriend of a Momma’s boy is no easy task. Because these guys are used to Momma doing everything for them, and now you’ll be expected to do the same.

However, it is necessary that you tell him how you feel, so that no resentment builds in your relationship. Do not try to compete with his mother Image source: pattiknows Because the more you try to become numero uno in his eyes, the more threatened his mother is likely to feel, and the more distant he is likely to grow from you.

This poisons the relationship between all three of you, so it is best if you let things pan out by themselves instead of trying to overdo yourself to win the affection race. Make sure you know what you two want from the relationship Sometimes, it so happens that your boyfriend loves you because he thinks you are exactly like his mother.