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N&O writer Jack Childs provided a glimpse into the future and the new world of computer dating.

Dating 2 women at once

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It was jarring to find out that our great aunt had basically spent her youth as the whore of Babylon. You're going to date Veronica _and _her best friend A lot of my friends, male and female, followed this kind of "Medieval Courtly Love, With Blowjobs" model well into college, like knights and ladies with bitterly divorced parents.

You weigh your pros and cons, you do your cost-benefit analysis, you use a little logic and a little emotion, and then make a largely arbitrary choice without knowing if you’re right.

3) Should I go out with each one a few more times before deciding? I know this sounds juvenile, but I truly have never been in this position before.

I have made up my mind not to do anything sexual with either until I am only going out with one of them. I don't expect the women to agree with me on this, but it's early enough in the process that you really don't have to do anything but continue to date them.

I guarantee that at some point within the next couple weeks, one will eliminate herself (not literally) based on information you may be in the same dilemma you're in and not choose you. Since (it seems from your post) you've only been out once with each, you really don't know enough to do anything else.

You don't owe them an explanation about what you do when you're not with them - as they also may have met/dated're still in the initial stage... After a while things will progress with one of them more'll know what to do.

Things have been going well, and I give a lot of credit to what I have learned from your book, emails and this site.

However, this is not something I have ever done before and I am having a hard time with the idea of juggling.

I don’t remember what I said to one person, and now they’re starting to blend. ” My answer to this question is: Concentrate a little more, and remember what is distinctly different between the two of them. Knowing who you are and what you’re all about is far more important than your ego dating two or more people at a time.

A lot of people will date more than one person at a time while they’re trying to figure out which one of the people they’re dating will will win the lottery. I speak extensively about this in my Men’s Audio Mastery Series program.

Last night at dinner, Shogo confessed to the guys that he enjoys dating 2 women at a time, that way he can get all his needs met.

When he said that a very proper British woman sitting next to us made a snide remark to her friend and they both started laughing. It got me thinking and I get this question from from readers all the time. I’m dating two people, and I can’t keep my stories straight.