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It's one of the worst things you can say to a woman (at the beginning, at least), and most of us hate it. “She won't look at you as boyfriend material if your jokes appear to be annoying, embarrassing, or insulting.” Compliment our knowledge of sports! She gives smart, super-honest advice about your biggest dating and relationship conundrums.

It’s generic and hints you’re just looking for a hook-up, so sound stalkerish?

Much to the derision and scorn of some quarters of the feminist community, I have in a previous article for Telegraph Men confessed to quite liking a wolf whistle when it’s whistled in my direction.

What I should have added is that I tend to enjoy them when I am walking along a busy street, in broad daylight.

The first few seconds of a conversation with a woman are absolutely crucial for your future seduction success.

I will quote the above linked blog post about the proof that complimenting a woman’s appearance will reduce your odds of a lay: If you don’t believe me, go sarge up 20 women, tell them how hot/beautiful they are before you fuck them.A woman knows when you’re just filling the silence, and there’s nothing worse than having to fake a smile for a forced compliment.So instead of being over-complimentary, dole out the love when you truly mean it.Instead, practice what you want to say, making note of your body language. One way to catch her attention is to strike all generic compliments from your repertoire and give her one that’s completely you. You don’t have to be Shakespeare to put into words exactly how beautiful they are.2. As with anything, you should give without any ulterior motive. And if you don’t know that by now, you may be a lost cause already.Maintain eye contact and convey confidence with your strong voice and your words. “You have beautiful eyes…” is something she hears all the time. Don’t expect her to return the compliment or give you anything other than a “thank you”. Say it with a pure heart, and your compliment will go over a lot better than if you’re expecting anything out of it.3. Although, as noted, you shouldn’t expect anything in return, follow these do’s and don’ts and you may just win her heart.Instead, break out your college writing 101: similes and metaphors. All you need is a bit of sincerity and charm for your compliment to win over its audience. Let’s find it out…Overcoming your approach anxiety is great and walking up to women without shitting yourself is even better, but saying “hi” and smiling like a drunk dog won’t magically put her number in your phone.Of course it isn’t wrong to say the typical compliment that everyone else uses.Telling her that she is beautiful is great, but from the masses.Remember: you probably shouldn’t know tiny details about us before you ever say hello. So even if you have noticed us at the local coffee shop, don’t lead with how you know we like lattes in the morning and mochas in the afternoon.