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We were not there when they were doing their transaction; lets just be mindful of our expression.what I can say about bobby (Seun by name) cos I have transact with him once; though we never see face to face but we do talk on phone then is that he was just a marketer and not a breeder per sey as he claimed.Which breeder that has DOG FARMS in ibadan and abuja will and also imports will buy a dog 40k from jos, then why are u a pedigree breeder.Bobbysaxy take a chill pill, come down to your level and stop claiming what you ain't.Sort operators into groups by applying one or more filters to each person and thus allow chat requests to be routed to specific departments like sales, technical support, product training, and to specific countries if you have an international customer service.

Mingle2's Delhi chat rooms are full of fun, sexy singles like you.All you need to do is add a few lines of HTML/Java Script code to your website source code.The live chat button, which appears on your website, allows instant real-time communication between your website visitors and your sales and support staff.Nairaland Forum / Nairaland / General / Pets / The Truth About Bobby Saxy And Younglawya (943 Views) BOBBY SAXY Dog Tour To South Africa...visited The Breeder Of PINACLE HAVOC / I Think BOBBY SAXY Should Be Banned / How To Solve Younglawya And BOBBY SAXY Case (1) (2) (3) (4) For some time now , nairaland pets section has been ablaze due to the bobby saxy and young lawya saga, the case got everybody really confused, nobody could detect the fraud and the fraudee, buh today is judgement day.Now lets start with younglawya Younglawya claims to be a lawyer and also breed his dogs at his leisure time.Stop Video Quickly embedded on your website, ISL Online will create a live support channel for your website visitors.They will simply click on the 'Live Chat' button to instantly start online communication with your personnel.Well , i dunno about the lawyer part though, buh i can guarantee you that younglawya owns 3 dogs, the pups from the litter he was selling to bobby saxy wasn't a fraud, he owns it, he's female dog gave birth to it, i dunno why he'd sell 3 pups for d rate of 350k, but am certain he was not trying defraud bobby saxy, furthermore, he has pictorial evidence, he has screenshots of he and bobby saxy's chat, bobby saxy didn't deny any of those screenshots, which means younglawya was trynna be neutral.Bobbysaxy Bobbysaxy says he breeds dogs at ibadan and abuja , he claims his brother handles the dog farm at abuja, Firstly, there is nothing like a dog farm, what exactly is a dog farm bobby saxy ? Secondly, bobby saxy says he imports dogs, for those of us that import dogs,there are certain situations to be met before u get a dog into the country, can bobbysaxy bring pictorial proof and explain the means through which he imports.Bobbysaxy said he agreed 350k for a litter of 3 pups, hmm Which breeder would buy 3 pups that are born in nigeria for 350k, i believe if u are a breeder it doesn't take 2 and 2 to know how much a breed costs, Several people that had bussiness dealings has testified against bobbysaxy, almost all had negative words for him with one even claiminh he owes him 40k, if younglawya is a fraud atleast one person should testify against him.From my deductions, younglawya was not trynna defraud bobbysaxy, bobbysaxy is not being honest, i doubt if he has the 350 grand he claims to have, he is just a mere middleman trynna make a little doh from dog biznez, bobby saxy said he was defrauded a certain time ago from a breeder in jos , he claims the fraud extorted 40k from him......40k for which breed of dog ?