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It’s worth remembering that the i Pad similarly met with a barrage of criticism and did change how we think about computers. The millions of existing i Phone, i Pad and i Pod owners cannot use the Chromebook with those devices.That is one task the Chromebook can’t perform, and it is unlikely it ever will.So Mic reached out to Oh Mi Bod, the company that manufactures the vibes, to ask how these cam girls had managed to turn the sounds of just a tip into an IRL orgasm.Welcome to "teledildonics." It's the field of tech-enabled remote sex devices and arguably the best new word of the 21st century.When it took the wraps off its stripped down, nothing-but-the-browser Chromebooks this week Google was attempting its own i Pad moment.The web-only laptops fundamentally reinvent what computers are, said Google’s VP leading the project, Sundar Pichai. Here’s a run down of reasons the tech press came up with that Chromebooks are a bad idea.Google will be looking at convincing Apple product owners that they need to switch, or forget the Chromebook.

I can finally play music while i am online, since it's not sound sensitive but tip sensitive. It really gets the guys going when they can get more bang for their buck.

Drone dogfights or struggle against aliens in your living room. One particular video shows two players driving two drones through the woods out of direct eye sight just using the i Phone video display.

The original idea was to start a little R&D project using the i Phone as an intermediate step and control the drone from a computer and let it automatically fly around the house from point A to B to C. The manufacturer has built extremely high expectations by showing numerous product videos on Youtube.

It took me a bit of time to get it connected but now I don't have any more problems.

I'm even debating getting the smaller version when it is released.

Thanks to its on-board Wi-Fi system, you can control the Parrot AR. The combination of these elements which are controlled by a piloting assistance program allows you to control the quadricopter with extreme accuracy. Drone detects the movements of your control device (to go up, down, turn, reverse, go forwards etc.). 45° angel at maximum speed until the battery is dead.

Drone includes an inertial measurement unit, ultrasound sensors and a vertical camera. Every game is unique, whether played inside or outside. Well, we see quite a number of reports where a drone out of range flew off like a rocket!

Oh Mi Bod vibes have more than an on-off switch: They're designed so the chip set responds to varying levels of noise, so that you can get yourself off to the throbbing beat of Beyoncé's "Partition" if you damn well please.

The various models of Oh Mi Bod toys — small vibes, wearable panties and insertable G-spot stimulators — respond to sounds fed in via Bluetooth, radio frequency or a hard cable."Creating different sounds, volumes and beats, means the vibrator reacts differently to each and with different inflection points," Oh Mi Bod co-founder Brian Dunham told Mic.

You would just take your hands of the controls and it stays where it is!

The AR-Drone seemed to do all that automatically which is not only pretty cool but also extremely useful if you lose control of your helicopter.