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Brandon flowers dating charlize

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Theron, South Africa’s most beautiful export (next to the good sportsmanship of the World Cup, of course).

Brandon Flowers has written more than a few songs about his tortured soul, but in the just-released video for “Crossfire,” the debut single off his forthcoming solo album, Flamingo (out Sept.

A couple of things confirmed by the partial rollout of the Killers frontman’s solo debut: Brandon Flowers is still handsome, still sounds like Brandon Flowers. The album’s called Flamingo, and its’ first single,”Crossfire,” melds the mild dancepop sensibility of its dialed down verses to soaring rafter-rattling hooks — in other words, a perfect amalgamation of Flamingo producers’ Stuart Price and Daniel Lanois’s fortes, or in other other words, .

And so there’s enough sexy and soar herein to justify a big production video, which is what we get: it starts Brandon Flowers (still handsome) in Indian Jones type attire, and in an Indiana Jones type bind (after bind), waiting to be rescued by one Ms.

Brandon Flowers of 'The Killers' has released his first solo music video, Crossfire, and it features actress Charlize Theron as his sexy savior.

Throughout the video Flowers is held captive in various scenarios by ninjas whom Theron efficiently dispatches with a cold eye and a samurai sword.

In the video, Charlize takes no prisoners as she wields a sword and fearlessly saves Brandon from the ninjas' clutches, a la Uma Thurman in Kill Bill.

The music video could have been excellent preparation for Charlize's next movie, which is a remake of Mel Gibson's original action film Mad Max.

The film was to have begun shooting in Australia in November but according to the Daily Star has now been postponed till February 2011.

For now, though, the South African actress has flown to Johannesburg to witness a battle of a different kind.

Gives him time to think of a name for his band, too - because he's not one of those people who think they can do everything all by themselves; he needs back-up vocals and some dude who plays guitar and maybe someone to play drums and, of course, a really cool name. (That's kind of a cool name for a band, he thinks - although there's this tiny thing missing.

So there he is, that Monday, minding his own business, when all of a sudden: ninjas! Like, it's original, but it's not exactly right, like, you can't walk on the stage and say: 'Hey there, New York, we're The Ninjas and we will rock you!