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Australia mandating vote

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Obama’s massive fundraising efforts for his party.“The people who tend not to vote are young, they’re lower income, they’re skewed more heavily towards immigrant groups and minority groups,” Mr. “And they’re the folks who are scratching and climbing to get into the middle class and they’re working hard.There’s a reason why some folks try to keep them away from the polls.According to a report by non-governmental organization Save The Children, in countries with longer periods of parental leave, children were found to be breastfed for longer and their life expectancy was higher.The group looked at the top developed countries that are succeeding in maternity leave benefits, and which ones continue to lag behind.Australia is one of 11 nations worldwide with mandatory voting.Australians who fail to vote can be fined, or even jailed for repeatedly not casting a ballot.But we can know with near certainty that voter turnout will be abysmal and that the results will be not so much a mandate as a skewed sampling of about half the electorate.Many reforms could increase turnout, from same-day registration to voting on weekends. “Protecting the integrity of our elections” is the rationale Republicans give for the cynically restrictive voter ID laws they’ve enacted in Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

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Obama raised the subject during a discussion of curbing the influence of campaign donations in U. The president didn’t commit to pushing a mandatory voting initiative at the federal level but said, “that may end up being a better strategy in the short term” than finding a solution to curbing campaign donations.

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President Obama, whose party was trounced in last year’s midterm election due in part to poor turnout among Democrats, endorsed the idea of mandatory voting Wednesday.“It would be transformative if everybody voted,” Mr. “That would counteract [campaign] money more than anything.

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In a report by the International Labour Organization (ILO), the majority of the United States (excluding two states) received a failing grade in providing women and new mothers support entering motherhood.

In at least 178 countries around the world, paid leave is guaranteed for working moms, while more than 50 countries provide wage benefits for fathers, according to the ILO.

Iceland: Length Of Maternity Leave: 3 months for the mother, 3 months for the father, and 3 months that can be taken by either parent (total of 9 months)Percentage Of Wages Paid: 80 (up to ISK350,000 per month)Germany: Length Of Maternity Leave: 14 Months Percentage Of Wages Paid: 65Japan: Length Of Maternity Leave: 14 Weeks Percentage Of Wages Paid: 67 Malta: Length Of Maternity Leave: 14 Weeks Percentage Of Wages Paid: 100New Zealand: Length Of Maternity Leave: 14 Weeks Paid, 38 Weeks Unpaid Percentage Of Wages Paid: 100Switzerland: Length Of Maternity Leave: 14 Weeks Percentage Of Wages Paid: 80Belgium: Length Of Maternity Leave: 15 Weeks Percentage Of Wages Paid: 82 per cent for the first 30 days and 75 per cent for the remaining period.

Eleven weeks before Election Day we can’t know who will win the presidency.

In today’s electorate, hardcore partisan believers are over-represented; independents and moderates are under-represented.

If the full range of voters actually voted, our political leaders, who are exquisitely attuned followers, would go where the votes are: away from the extremes.