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but sources connected to the super-corny couple on last night's "American Idol" tell us the whole cheesy relationship appears to be an act.

If the talks do come through for the pair, it would be the first time Gomez would be promoting a song on TV with a rumored boyfriend.And I think when you have to do that within the first week of meeting somebody, you know you're going to have a special relationship after that! "Yes, we were checking each other out, I believe so!"Hair cast--was otherwise involved when the two of them first started dating, insisting, "I'm not that kind of girl.") Says Diana: "We played with the idea [of dating] when we first met.There is a part in the final 30 seconds I had to rewatch three times to make sure I saw it correctly, and I’m convinced it’s one of the best moments to happen in TV history.But let’s not skip to that part yet when there are sooo many awful, great, awful, awful parts of the clip happening before it.RELATED According to sources, this may also be a sign that Gomez and Zedd are getting serious and that the "Come And Get It" singer's relationship with the DJ is "more mature" than her on-and-off relationship with ex Justin Bieber.“Their relationship is fine — they just don’t want to ruin the relationship by being around each other all the time,” a source told the celebrity news site.Soon after the public smooch, 16-year-old Alaina played coy with reporters when asked if she was dating the 17-year-old singer."I kissed him on the lips, yeah," she told "Entertainment Tonight," before teasing, "He might be my boyfriend, he might not be my boyfriend."When Alaina spotted Mc Creery walking the press line, she yelled to him: "They asked me if we're dating. With a majority of more than 122 million votes crowning him the new "American Idol," dating may not be so tough for Mc Creery any longer. It's a special relationship we have."Though he insists to "ET" that he's "still single," Mc Creery admits that he and Alaina are "really, really, really close friends." Really.If you ever wanted to see a marriage completely unravel, you should watch this.