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The excavator might employ relative dating, using objects located stratigraphically (read: buried at the same depth) close to each other, or he or she might compare historical styles to see if there were similarities to a previous find.

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California condors have wingspans of around 9 feet and stand about 50 inches tall.

In the statement they said, “While seeing a cat in the nest was difficult for many, we’re hopeful that people will understand that this is a part of nature, and nature isn’t always kind or pretty.” Earlier this year the Hanover Bald Eagles nest had their own bad news, with an eaglet passing away just days after birth, and a second egg failing to hatch.

The Western Pennsylvania nest also had one egg that failed to hatch, but it was the third egg for their nest.

They again rappelled to the nest and made the switch.

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The 6-week-old hatchlings were only to happy to take part in the meal with everyone on the webcam watching.

According to a Facebook post by the Western Pennsylvania Audubon Society, they believe the cat was already deceased.

That’s what they were doing in March 2016 when the egg they were watching disappeared overnight.

Thinking quickly, biologists rappelled to where the condors were nesting and slipped a fake egg into place while the birds were out. While she was busy looking after the fake egg, biologists located a suitable live egg in the captive breeding program at the Los Angeles Zoo.

To see more of the Western Pennsylvania eagles, click here.

The California condor is a large, majestic bird, but the species is critically endangered despite strong conservation efforts.