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I like to spend time in the cinema, to walk in the park.

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Think of it like a play-by-play: The plug-in, Us , monitors your conversation, tracking bar graphs of Positivity, Self-Absorption, Femininity, Aggression, and Honesty, and occasionally spits out pop-up advice like “Stop talking about yourself so much.” The only drastic action the app seems to take is an automute function for the worst sin of all, talking too much. Us would probably reinforce good conversation habits like honesty and positive body language, but its on-the-fly social etiquette correction is a slam dunk for professional phone calls–like remote job interviews.

Forget the nightmare of body language-less phone interviews: An Us conversation prods you into appearing more positive, receptive, and smiley, all great subconscious signals for competence. Co Labs in an email, there is a real potential here to use social analysis and feedback to bring us closer together and understand each other more:“While we all might agree we would like to sound less self-absorbed, what does it mean to sound more feminine or aggressive, and what amount of this do we aim for?

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Its linguistic analysis is based on Linguistic Inquiry Word Count (LIWC) developed by James W.

This is why YITH Live Chat is the best way to nullify the indecisions of your users and convince them to buy straight away.

This plugin owes its effectiveness to the fact that it’s simple and easy to access: you will have the chance to decide where the chat is going to be displayed, assign specific roles to operators that will be able to talk to your customers thanks to a simple and clean instant messaging system which will help them keep a prompt communication with customers.

Pennebaker at UT Austin, and inspired by work done with Sosolimited.

Users are comforted by direct contact and, when this goes missing because of the screen, they need to be reassured in another way.

The main advantage of using this website chat widget is that users can have their own avatar.

It also offers different user roles that give participants privileges for becoming moderators and administrators.

Dolphin 7 - open-source, downloadable, scalable, customizable, full-featured, independent and free software package for building social networks, dating sites and niche communities.

Dru Pal is an open source content management platform.

A new Google Hangout plug-in is harnessing the power of facial recognition and algorithmic speech pattern software to get us to be nicer, more interested chatters.

Can this conversational wingman improve how we talk to people?