We live in a patriarchy

THE PATRIARCHATE (and the moment we realized it really existed)

These moments may be big or small. They come sooner or later, throw everything overboard or confirm what was already clear. And they happen to every feminist. They revolve around discrimination, inequality and disadvantage, danger and oppression. Once you start looking, it's hard to ignore. It starts with make-up and doesn't end with sexual violence against women. The patriarchy is complex.

For our video on Women's Struggle Day, we spoke to seven women who live out their feminist beliefs. They are role models for others, inspire and encourage. They get involved, learn and pass on their knowledge. And at some point they all started with one thought: "I live as a woman in patriarchy and that affects my life negatively."

Today should be about these first thoughts and moments. They are an important beginning that can change thinking. Because patriarchy is real. And it's time we tear it down. Have a nice women's day 2020!