What is the ordinary factory board

Hello everyone, men and beautiful young women !!!
Here we will talk about the next manufacture and installation of acoustics on a motorcycle with your own hands. My BMW K 1200 RS serves as a test person. Lots of detailed photos under the cut, great contribution.
Less than five years later, I decided to post my second post on this page. So do not judge strictly, we are all here to have fun and communicate with the two-wheeled brother.
The idea of ​​installing music came about a year ago when Chinese electronics, including those for motorcycles, came onto our market in large quantities. The guys raced past me on Chinese mopeds with pretty loud music, sometimes with pretty good sound quality. And my white bomber doesn't have standard acoustics. This fact didn't suit me. The last bullet in my head was a present from my wife for my birthday. Compact MP3 amplifier for 30 W (Kinter MA-600).
I couldn't find any ready-made speakers for my subject on the internet. All of them are tube-mounted to the steering wheel, and the boomer has short clips. No options. I will do it myself.

The location was determined by itself - the wrong side of the direction indicator. Smooth plastic platform, one wonders. For a long time I could not understand why the Germans turned these bulging "burdock" into curves ... until, in heavy rain, I saw with my own eyes how they diverted the water currents from the arms and elbows far to the side.

So to the point. I needed:
- speakers with a diameter of 10 cm;
- 2 pieces of waterproof floor laminate;
- a handful of self-tapping screws for wood;
- jigsaw;
- plasticine for children;
- two pairs of dense nylon stockings (40 denier);
- bumper repair kit (resin, fiberglass);
- Can of fiberglass putty (smallest);
- brushes (5 pieces);
- finish putty;
- floor - putty;
- sandpaper (dry, from No. 160 to No. 400);
- paint, varnish;
- Vibroplast (30x30 cm piece);
- mineral wool (20 grams);
- 3 - 5 days off;
- hands (2 pcs.).
The top tip for beginners is START. This is the hardest part.)))
1) I take a clay cup into the kitchen and put it on the blinker. There are. For a penny. I stomp into the Avtozvuk store with a saucer in my pocket. I put the saucer on the counter. "I want that speaker." There are 4 options with a diameter of 10 cm, I choose the Pioneer because of the declared water resistance, the beautiful mesh and the maximum recoil in the low range. Magnet 130 grams, there is hope that there will be a little "meat". I stomp home.

2) I cut out a stencil in the shape of a blinker out of cardboard. I put the loudspeaker on, it lies - as it was here. The protective net is slightly larger and protrudes a few centimeters. I'm starting to figure it out ... if you constrain the case to the base of the turn signal, a powerful magnet protruding 4.5cm will not let the speakers rotate towards the driver's face, it just rests against the wall of the Speaker enclosure. All music will fly deafeningly. If we mount the column itself a few inches higher than below, the steering wheel will stick to the speakers with the clutch and front brake levers at maximum reversal. There is only one solution: go 2 cm below the indicator contour and draw a circle. And in the air crowd, I'll win. So I decided.
3) On a piece of laminate (German, waterproof, of excellent quality) I draw the future base of the housing according to the template. Once again I am pleased with my frugality in Bryansk (read greed) that I did not throw away these scraps after repairing the floor. I knew they would be useful. The material is chic, dense, firm, sonorous. The smoke from the saw is coming down, the smell is hard to cut. Saw, apply, great.

4) Cut two cardboard rings straight out of the speaker box. On the Pioneer, they are drawn on the front and the perforation is dotted. No problem, pure joy. We cut, draw, saw, beauty.

5) Now a light can begins. I take plasticine, soften it and shape the ring to the base. Then I sit on the motorcycle and attach the base of the column to the turn signal. I put the loudspeakers inside for a good 15 minutes. The virtual center is my head. I turn the steering wheel so that nothing sticks. The rotated magnet should not protrude beyond the contour of an imaginary column wall, not touch the floor, etc. Slowly you can't go wrong.
6) While the plasticine is holding the ring in a certain position, I split a piece of board into small matrices, measure the installation height of the ring, draw, cut. I set it with a grinder with an emery wheel installed. I drill through, countersink the hole for the screw head. Nothing should stick out. In short, the task is to firmly attach the ring. Easier said than done. It is contraindicated for people with an unstable psyche. Long, nervous, uncomfortable. But we have two such "shoes".

7) Now directly the formation of the box "old-fashioned" method. Two pairs of thick nylon stockings sacrificed themselves to a good idea. More than two shifts will not work at the same time. Why stockings? Because nylon is strong, it extends in all directions with no arrows, wrinkles, or pretensions. It forms smoothly and is pleasant for the eye contours. Knot on top of diffuser, second row. We dilute the resin according to the recipe. From experience - you do not need a lot at once, it is better to dilute a little more and finish. Time approx. 15 minutes, then the resin hardens. Throw away the leftovers. You need to thoroughly soak all 4 layers of the pantyhose. Such cool "shoes" are obtained. Pretty solid, by the way. (All work - on the street, toxic composition, a little poisoned in the garage).

8) Now "Glass mat" !!! .. A layer. When I first worked with this material, I was simply amazed at how much the millimeter layer of this fabric, along with the resin, strengthened and armored the entire structure. The fabric, so to speak, dissolves, stretches and repeats the contour. But once it dries, it's a completely different product. You can really be crippled if you wish. I really liked the result. The pillar rings, rustles like a shell.
9) Now a new round of madness. I rub the protruding "hair" with coarse sandpaper, remove the excess with a sharp knife. And true !!! Tru - Tru - Tru - Tru. One layer of car putty, dry - and rub again. Long stage. Wanted it perfectly. Different types of paper, from coarse to polished. It turned out to be flawless. Finishing primer, degreased and…. Colour.

10) 4 coats of white paint, 3 coats of varnish. Intermediate dryer, all according to recipe. Hurry can kill all work. And I want to see the result, the tooth is already crumbling. I can take a day, the paint has to be well packed.
11) The product pleases after drying. That's exactly "COLUMNS FOR MOTORCYCLE"... there is no shame in putting it on a shop window. Perfectly smooth, without pits, waves, shiny product. I turned on the speakers. I took some pictures, couldn't resist.)))

12) He took off the indicators. They are hollow on the inside, so I screw my product to wood inside out with self-tapping screws without fear. I collect blinkers and use them. AWESOME !!!))) The speakers always seemed to be there. Everything together looks like a normal part. There is no feeling of a foreign object, the original design is practically not disturbed. Personally, I liked it very much.
13) Finishing touch. Smoked in many forums about homemade acoustics, acoustic geometry and wave propagation in a closed housing. Conclusions: no polyurethane foam, just plywood and fiberglass. Foam steals high frequencies. Next: Formulas for calculating the volume and the virtual volume for a speaker. The volume of my product is approx. 300 ccm. Everyone. For a virtual increase of 15% and a softening of the floor, I have the right to add 10 grams of mineral wool. As a result, the sound wave is reflected less from the walls of the loudspeaker and the mutually attenuated, low-interference and cleaner sound is generated. I pre-glue the floor and walls of the product with Vibroplast to reduce the resonance of the cabinet at "high" frequencies. The speaker cable led into the turn signal vent. Everything. We close. We connect.

What can I tell by the sound? In the garage - great, on par with such a sick tape recorder. Reflected off smooth walls, the sound is strong and juicy. As expected, the lower classes were happy. The speakers are loud enough to hear them. Obviously, you shouldn't expect a maddening ride from the 4-inch speakers, but the amp allows you to wind them up more and the Pioneer image doesn't allow for gasping and blocking.
It's worth rolling the subject out onto the street, the picture will certainly fade, the sound will dissolve in the air. But it is perfectly audible in the driver's seat because the loudspeakers are inserted "directly into the ears". Stereo - the panorama converges exactly at the level of my head.
Moving. In the city at a walking pace of 50-60 km / h, with my series exhaust and the generally quiet noise of the BMW, you can hear the music. It is clearly audible and apparently also for pedestrians.))) On the motorway after 100 km / h in a closed helmet, the system loses all relevance. The incoming air and the aerodynamic noise almost completely overshadow the sound of the music. You can hear there is play going on somewhere, but the pleasure is no more than the wind in a helmet.

The amplifier still lives under the siduha. Inconvenient, impractical. I'm looking for a place for it on the dashboard or somewhere else in a convenient place. Think about a separate shelf. Similar motorcycle owners, I would appreciate your advice on this matter.
All smooth roads !!!)))

The BMW E34 is by no means a young generation of cars, it can already be seen as a classic. The latest model rolled off the assembly line in 1996, which means that the "youngest" BMW is celebrating its 20th anniversary. For any car, this age is considered to be very impressive, so you need to keep an eye on such a car. Modern options for high-quality tuning will help any owner of this idea of ​​the German auto industry to transform an old BMW into a new beauty, which will practically not be inferior to the most modern cars.

Chip tuning of the power supply

However, this type of change has certain consequences. The fact is that every engine has its own reserve of mechanical and thermal stress, and knock resistance is one of them. This means that the boost only needs to be increased within reasonable limits. The moment all conceivable and unimaginable threshold values ​​are exceeded, the wear on the engine structure becomes irreversible and will fail in the near future.
If the point of no return was accidentally exceeded, you can try to minimize the negative consequences by following the steps below:

  • replacement of air inlets;
  • an inter-air cooler;
  • cooling systems;
  • creation of additional holes for ventilation;
  • installation of an additional cooler;
  • modification of the combustion chamber to increase its volume.

How will the gas dynamics change after tuning the E34?

In order to achieve maximum performance in engine operation, the charge of the mixture (fuel-air) must be increased. In most cases, this can be implemented by simply correcting the errors that occurred when the vehicle was created in series assembly. For example, it is desirable to make the intake valves smoother and smoother, as this allows the mixture to enter more smoothly and more slowly and thus its gradual combustion. The camera in which this happens must also be prepared - the windproof zones must be completely eliminated.

The workflow is complex and it is difficult to guarantee that the result will completely meet expectations. Even the best professionals in their field sometimes cannot predict whether they will be able to accurately calculate all the processes within the aggregate before making changes and even more afterwards. In these cases, you need to rely on preliminary tests, measurements and experiments. This requires both a theoretical and a practical knowledge base. So you need to entrust this process to a real professional.

BMW E34 interior tuning

If everything became clear with the engine chip and physical adjustments, now is the time to talk about how to upgrade your car by tuning the interior.

The first thing you need to do when spending in the cabin is to take care of the seat, headrest, armrests, ceiling and door panels. The type of material is limited only by financial possibilities and the imagination of the owner - it can be either ordinary leather or its ecological version. However, it is not possible to upgrade in one go. You can also completely replace the entire interior lighting with one that is more pleasant to the eyes and purchase special pads for pedals, torpedoes, door handles and gear levers.

It is recommended to replace the steering wheel with a more modern or even a sporty steering wheel. Although the standard version is considered convenient in terms of controls, it is difficult to contradict the fact that it is much more pleasant to drive a car with a sports steering wheel that has various control buttons for new functions. Incidentally, all of them can be configured quickly and easily using the on-board computer.

Redesigning headlights involves a complete change in optics. You can install both lens and crystal. Each of the options has its own advantages and disadvantages. Lens optics are strong in that they create a dense, and therefore more powerful, beam of light that clearly illuminates the space in front of the car (this is due to the presence of additional lenses). Thanks to the crystal optics, you can achieve a "crystal glow" - a special effect in which the light is more concentrated and has no irritating properties. Similarly, you can adjust not only the front lights, but also the rear lights.

When upgrading the taillights, you can consider introducing an additional fog optics system. The practical advantages of such a solution are immediately noticeable, and the appearance of the BMW will only benefit from it.

Body modification and external tuning BMW E34

The body is exactly what people pay special attention to when they say "tuning". There are many options here, but for those who have decided to completely modify their car, it is immediately worth noting that the best option is to buy a full set of body kits (you can even go to a tuning studio). The fact is that the BMW E34 is considered to be a somewhat dated car physically, although it is still very popular. Because of this, it is quite problematic to find tuning items in the free sale, since everything that could already be applied has been used for a long time and nothing new is released. There are, of course, custom kits that are handcrafted by artisans, but the cost of such kits is sometimes disproportionate to the results.

Updated bumpers, a more modern and more aggressive grille, air intakes and side skirts, inserts on doors and hood lids, spoilers - all of this is an integral part of such a process as tuning the BMW E34. Each of these elements can significantly change the car individually. If all the elements are installed and brought together in a general composition, then we can safely say that the car has become a full-fledged work of art.

Improved muffler tips could be a great addition to a new exhaust system (or a modified old one). At the same time, not only will the appearance of the car win, but the performance of the car will also increase slightly, which, together with the chip tuning of the power unit, will bring about an excellent increase in aerodynamics, reduce the acceleration time, and also increase the driving behavior of the car among the most difficult Road conditions. All of this will of course cost a certain amount, but the beautiful and powerful BMW E34 sedan, sparkling with chrome and giving off a classy rumble from the engine compartment, will more than pay off.

Video tuning BMW E34

BMW cars have not only become a legend in our country, it is a car that everyone from young to old wants to drive. Here real German quality is combined with user friendliness. Used BMW cars are more popular with us as they are much cheaper than new and preferred by car owners.

But an old car, even a brand like BMW, is subject to time and fails. Those who have bought a new car have problems almost immediately. Many of them choose to commit do it yourself BMW repair... After all, technically speaking, these cars are no different from other brands. Therefore, a motorist who is more or less familiar with the technology can repair small and large units independently of one another.

When approaching a question like repair and maintenance of BMW In terms of spare parts costs, they cannot be cheap because original spare parts are made in Germany. There are of course Chinese colleagues, but you should only pay attention to them if the financial resources do not allow you to repair the car with original parts.

And to cope with the features of this particular brand, they will come in handy BMW repair books, in which the wiring diagrams of the vehicle, device constructions, assembly plans are clearly described and recommendations for operation are listed. So every car enthusiast can carry out minor repairs on the car himself without having to resort to the services of specialists with a petrol station.

However, if the breakdown is large enough and you cannot cope on your own, it is better to entrust the car to people who are familiar with similar problems and have the appropriate equipment to test and repair your iron horse. This way you avoid even bigger problems and financial costs.

BMW was founded in October 1913, its founder Karl Friedrich Rapp, he wanted to build up the production of engines for aircraft, this company is located in the district of Munich - Milbertshofen, this location was chosen because German aircraft are produced nearby. The BMW company emblem was invented in 1929, this round white and blue badge is still in use today, with such an emblem the manufacturer used to show the aircraft's propeller against the blue sky. However, the company itself claims that the blue and white colors of the logo were taken from the Bavarian flag.

Post-war affairs were much worse for the BMW Group than before the war, as the production on which this business was based was banned. It took BMW many years to fully recover and start automobile production. It wasn't until 1962 that the very first car was produced, and the task could be considered completed. Today, like all German cars, BMW cars are considered to be a symbol of your wealth and good taste BMW repair is produced in every petrol station.

EZ4 is a legendary BMW model that was mass-produced between 88 and 97. In its years, the E34 was characterized by high-performance technical properties, a comfortable interior and a reference design for BMW. The car has not lost its relevance these days - this is one of the most sought after versions of BMW in the secondary market and enjoys the well-deserved love of many motorists.
The legend of our time!

This article describes the tuning of the BMW E34. We'll consider chip tuning the engine, replacing factory components, and improving the look of the car itself.

Chip tuning BMW E34

BMW engine tuning can be done in two ways - mechanically or via software upgrade. If you want the old BMW model to become a car in terms of performance and acceleration characteristics that are not inferior to modern vehicles, we recommend the combination of chip formation and engine reinforcement.

The mechanical modernization of diesel and gasoline engines has one goal: to achieve the maximum possible torque and to change the factory gear ratios. This can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. Installation of a sport camshaft - ensures a high lift of the valves, which leads a larger amount of the fuel mixture into the combustion chambers, which increases the engine's throttle response at low speeds.
  2. Replacing the standard filter with a zero resistance filter (filter with zero resistance) - reduces the loss of engine power due to the resistance of the airflow at the inlet to the valve (gives a 3-5% increase in power).
  3. By drilling the cylinders (requires replacing the crank mechanism) - increases the nominal volume of the engine and the maximum power;
  4. Installation of a turbine or a compressor - Due to the forced injection of air, the amount of fuel mixture supplied to the cylinders increases when the throttle valve is opened and the rate of emissions from the combustion chamber increases.

Cars loved by everyone!

After completing the mechanical drive of the engine, it makes sense to resort to the chipping of the engine. Chip tuning for the BMW E34 consists of changing the algorithms set by the manufacturer in the engine control unit, that is, flashing the "brain" of the car.

There are two ways to perform chip tuning on the BMW E34: Using a computer program to configure the factory control unit (we recommend contacting a specialized car dealership to restart the control unit yourself according to the instructions from the Internet - a risky task ) or buying a finished modified chip and installing it instead of the old one.

Petrol and diesel engines in the BMW E34 are chip-compatible using different software. The program Le Gasoline # 1 is used for petrol engines, this software is paid for for diesel engines - Le Digi TDI - there is no free access to it on the Internet.

The renewed flashing of the brain increases the power of gasoline engines by 15-20 hp, diesel engines - by 20-30 hp, the following parameters are also subject to regulation:

  • Maximum engine speed;
  • Air outlet pressure (with turbine);
  • Ignition timing;
  • Gear ratio range (for automatic transmissions);
  • Temporary fuel injection volume.

The chipping by replacing the factory ECU chip with a modified microcircuit with the settings preset by the manufacturer is done by hand. Chips are mainly installed in tuned BMWs V-Tech Power Box (price 250 euros), boards of the "Finnish" series0-261 (50 euros) andspeedTuningblackStorm (100 euros).

BMW is always in fashion !!!

The replacement of the factory chip is implemented according to the following algorithm:

  1. The factory ECU unit is removed from the engine compartment.
  2. The device is dismantled, the plastic housing is removed and the connector is removed from the microcircuit.
  3. The factory board is dismantled;
  4. The purchased chip is installed in the landing area.
  5. The block is assembled and installed in its original location.

As an example, we give the acceleration characteristics of the 535i engine with factory and chip-based ECU firmware.

Complete replacement of the main parts (engine, body, interior, optics)

In addition to the functional coordination of the engine, the old BMW model also has to be further developed operationally. These improvements are carried out in two directions - modification of the exterior of the car (body) and change of the interior.

A high performing car should have a catchy, aggressive appearance that can be achieved by replacing factory components with sporty counterparts. Tuning spare parts for the BMW E34 are offered in a wide range in car dealerships. Select the parts that you are interested in and start modernizing your car with your own hands.

E34 Rationally start installing body kits. Complete the machine with the following items:

  • Side skirts;
  • Spoiler;
  • Aerodynamic bumpers.

Trust in the future and on the go !!!

The body kit for the BMW E34 can be bought as a kit with the above-mentioned parts or individually. If you want to build a car, we recommend using 3D tuning computer programs that will allow you to independently design a body kit and see how it will look on the car. With the drawing received, please contact the tuning studio, where the part you are interested in is made of fiberglass.

Alloy wheels for the BMW E34 determine the appearance of the vehicle. In order to improve the driving behavior of the vehicle at high speed, it makes sense to install windows under low-profile tires and to equip them with suitable tires. The tuning of the BMW E34 525 is done with discs with a size of 15 * 7 and an offset of 20 mm. Screw pattern - 5 * 120. To attach large wheels to the BMW E34, you will need to replace the wheel arches.

The exhaust system of the BMW E34 can also change. By installing an exhaust pipe with double bifurcation and test pipe, you get an increase in engine efficiency due to efficient exhaust gas disposal and a characteristic sports exhaust noise that draws attention to your vehicle.

The standard optics of the BMW E34 will be converted to xenon headlights when the vehicle is modernized. Xenon differs from the factory optics in that it has a strong luminous flux and low power consumption. Headlights for BMW E34, in order to give the car an aggressive look, it makes sense to tint the body color and add cilia.

The effect is complemented by the LED lighting on the underside of the vehicle. It is carried out by means of an LED strip in a plastic protective tube. The pipe is attached to the perimeter of the vehicle floor with plasterboard brackets and self-tapping screws and connected to the vehicle's electrical system.

Salon BMW E34 - a series, the last car of which left the assembly line 20 years ago, requires a major overhaul. It makes sense to start the BMW E34 with the factory equipment banner on the ceiling, floor and car seats.

For tightening, we recommend the use of natural leather - you will spend a lot of money on buying material compared to artificial substitutes, but you will not have to re-tighten later because the leather is very durable and aesthetic.The attractiveness of the leather interior is on par.

Be the center of attention!

When tuning the interior of the BMW E34, combine leather upholstery with carbon-like upholstery on the dashboard and on the dashboard. Vinyl is not only a decorative component, it also protects plastic surfaces from scratches and mechanical damage.

The tuning of the BMW interior must go hand in hand with soundproofing if the engine's performance has been increased beforehand. On the motor side you need a compartment with vibration isolation material with a foil layer (Vibroplast, Bimast) and a polyurethane sound isolator (Shumoff, Splen).

To upgrade the engine, the factory brakes must be replaced with reinforced ones. This is a security issue that cannot be compromised. We recommend using ATE Power Disc ventilated hard drives. The cost of such a replacement part for a BMW E34 is $ 400 (for a full set). However, the efficiency and durability of these hard drives justify every ruble spent on them.

Self-optimizing optics

We draw your attention to instructions for converting headlights into optics, stylized for Hella Black headlights, the cost of which is $ 600.

You will need:

  • Sealant;
  • Matt black color;
  • Aluminum sheet 1 mm thick;
  • Hair dryer and spotlight removal tools.

The order of the actions is as follows:

  1. We dismantle the headlights of the high and low beam, remove the chrome rings from the headlights;
  2. Warm up with a hairdryer (temperature 600 degrees) until the sealant melts, pry the glass with a sharp object and remove it;
  3. We print a blank for crosses on a printer, apply paper to sheet metal and cut out the details along the contour.
  4. We paint the blanks, chrome rings and headlight reflectors with black, matt paint.
  5. We carry out the assembly of the headlights for sealants (we recommend using a black composition);

After several hours of work, you get optics that are visually indistinguishable from $ 500.

Do-it-yourself adjustment of the taillights to darken the look thanks to the rectangular shape of the lanterns can be done by tinting with film. Tinting requires preliminary dismantling of the optics from the car.

You will need materials:

  • Tint film;
  • Build hair dryers;
  • Soft rubber spatula;
  • Soapy solution;
  • Stationery knife.


The taillights are tuned according to the following algorithm:

  1. Clean and degrease the surface of the car and wait for it to dry.
  2. We apply the film to the optics and mark the workpiece along the contour of the headlights with a marker with a margin of 2-3 cm on each side;
  3. We cut the film;
  4. We spray a soap solution on the surface of the headlight, remove the protective layer from the film and apply the blank to the optics. With a rubber spatula we drive water out from under the material (movements from the center to the edges);
  5. To even out the wrinkles that have arisen, we heat the surface of the film with construction adhesive and smooth out the irregularities with a spatula.
  6. The edges of the film are wrapped at the side ends of the headlights, aligned and cut along the extreme contour.
  7. The tinted lights are kept at room temperature for 4-5 hours and installed on the car.

With his own hands

Many connoisseurs of cars of the famous BMW 5-ki with E39 body sooner or later face the problem of replacing shock absorbers and coil springs with new ones. This is mainly due to driving safety. But you should not rush to the gas station immediately, as the article will tell you how to do it with your own hands, without resorting to the help of workshop workers. General procedure for replacing front suspension BMW 5er (E39) created ...

Why E39 won't start: consider the possible reasons

One of the most popular BMW models today is the fifth series E39. Although these vehicles were discontinued in 2004, they can still be seen in large numbers on Russian roads. Unfortunately, age takes its toll and owners of the E39 face various problems every now and then. Immediately the car will stop and you not only need to fix the problem, but also spend time diagnosing it. Starter...