Can Siri hack your iPhone

What can you do if your iPhone is hacked?

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The most important thing on the subject iPhone hacked

  • As soon as you get one Jailbreak and override Apple's security barriers to download apps that are not offered in the official store, you run the risk of catching a Trojan.

  • A thoughtless one Download and it happened: A stranger has hacked into your iPhone and has free access to your data. The sheer horror when you have saved your whole life on it.

  • If you have to enter sensitive information a insecure wifi it can also happen quickly that someone gains access to your iPhone. Of course, this is even easier if a stranger can get their hands on your cell phone.

What can I do if my iPhone is hacked?

  • With the app "Systemguard" you get a comprehensive security check. It alerts you to security holes and shows the CPU and memory usage. It is also one of the few security apps available in the official store.

  • The app "iVerify" scans iOS for security vulnerabilities. It also scans your iPhone for evidence of spyware or malware.

  • If the suspicion is confirmed that a stranger has access to your data, you should immediately do all of them Change passwords and go to an expert. Tinkering around and resetting to the factory settings does not help much, because hackers are pretty smart at creating their software.

  • if you Online banking via your iPhone, it is best to inform the bank as well, otherwise your money may be cleared from your account.

How can I stop my iPhone from being hacked?

  • It is damn easy for hackers to gain access to cell phones, computers or other computer systems. This may not work as easily with Apple as with an Android smartphone, but nothing is impossible. If you don't take the threat seriously, a hack can cause you to lose confidential information.
  • Good to know: Unless you have jailbroken your iPhone and the iOS operating system update regularly, you are relatively safe from viruses and nasty attacks. You should only be careful if you have deliberately disabled the security system and pay close attention to whether it suddenly occurs new apps appear on the display or other suspicious things happen, such as increased cell phone costs or restrictions on cell phone functions.
  • Also, you should never use your cell phone unattended leave lying around. If an unauthorized person gains access, they can put malware on you in a flash.

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