How do I write a wedding invitation

Wedding invitation - text, suggestions and examples

We have put together many tips, examples and suggestions (like here from Cariñokarten) for the text of the wedding invitation for you in the lower part.

But before we get to the right text for wedding invitations and the like, first some basic tips on the wedding invitation and the structure of the content so that you can send out great invitations for the most beautiful day of your life.

This article is divided into the following areas:

  1. Tips for the formal wedding invitation
  2. Content & structure for the invitation text for the wedding
  3. Wedding invitation text samples
  4. Text examples for your wedding invitation to download

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1. Tips for the formal wedding invitation

On such an important occasion, the external shape also counts, not just the text of the wedding invitation! The wedding invitations are the calling card of your wedding. Nevertheless, you do not have to spend a fortune to give your invitation a noble robe.


Send your invitation to the wedding in good time, because your guests have to plan too! If you've already warned everyone, it's not that much of a hurry, otherwise your guests should have received the invitation at least 3 months before the date.

If you are very early, you send first "Save the Date Cards".


Invite your partner in, even if you don't actually know him / her. After all, you can't expect someone to celebrate their partner at your wedding without celebrating. The emphasis here is on "permanent partner". The acquaintance from last weekend should of course stay at home, unless you absolutely want to get to know them on this occasion ...

In any case, find out about the current marital status, because a wedding invitation to "you" can bring back unpleasant memories for relatively newly widowed or divorced people.

You can also officially invite people who you do not want to have with you at the celebration or who simply did not make it on the guest list to the wedding service and the possible subsequent champagne reception. That is always better than excluding these acquaintances entirely. Simply use two different texts: once with and once without the invitation to the party.

You can find more sample texts on this in our article "Registry office invitation: Our tips on text and design".

Design wedding invitations online

Our tips if you are still looking for a provider of wedding invitation cards:

Experience reports on the providers can be found in the wedding card provider comparison.

Our tip: With a wedding stamp you provide a beautiful recurring element on your wedding stationery.

2. Content & structure for the invitation text for the wedding

In the following we have put together the optimal structure of the invitation for you, each with some suggestions for the specific design:

The introduction for wedding invitation texts

The introduction of the wedding invitation can either be officially or with a nice saying. Perhaps it also suits you that the text of the invitation to the wedding is creative, funny, relaxed, original or rather cheeky.

Officially, for example: "Dear relatives and friends, we hereby inform you that we have decided to enter into the covenant of marriage."

A small selection of equally suitable sayings (there are more examples in the free PDF - see below):

  • We don't have to, we don't need. We just want to be married.
  • Our stag do ends on [date].
  • After ... days of wild marriage, our relationship is now being legalized.
  • Marriage isn't the happy ending - it's always just the beginning.
  • We seal our love
  • It's true, we're going to the altar.
  • Luckily we found each other - and won't let go of each other!
  • We will walk our life together in the future
  • Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. (cash on delivery)
  • And even more cheeky: For purely tax reasons, we have agreed to say yes to each other.
  • The journey into our common future begins ...
  • Do you hear the wedding bells ringing ...?
  • Funny wedding invitation saying: "Getting married means halving your rights and doubling your duties." Arthur Schopenhauer
    And yet we want to dare and get married on August 8th. We would be happy if you want to celebrate this day with us.
  • Meet us at church because we want to swear that we belong together for the rest of our days!

How you text your invitation to the wedding is of course up to you - a Wedding saying, Poems or a nice quote are always well received. Above all, the large selection of sayings and quotes for the wedding allow you to tailor the wedding invitation text individually to you.

Surely there is a quote about the wedding that expresses exactly what you would like to say. Perhaps you already know your marriage ceremony? Then you could also have this printed in the invitation text for the wedding.

The wedding invitation itself

A simple sentence like “We cordially invite you to celebrate this day with us” or “We would like to celebrate this occasion with you” or “We would like to have you with us on this day is sufficient ".

The invitation should contain the following information:

  • Name of the bride and groom
  • Date, place and time of the church wedding and the celebration
  • An appointment by which everyone invited should let them know whether they can come and, if so, with how many people
  • Contact details for questions and registration or deregistration

You can also send the following information with the invitation:

  • Directions to the wedding ceremony and, if necessary, an emergency telephone number for those who have lost their way
  • Where to find the wedding table or that you only want money
  • Notes on the dress code / clothing of the guests, e.g. for themed weddings (or no high heels for meadow weddings, etc.)
  • Contact details of suitable hotels in the vicinity
  • Contact details of a person who is responsible for the program contributions, e.g. the witnesses
  • Notice of a taxi service / shuttle service
  • Daily routine with timeline
  • Address of the wedding website
  • Information about the parking facilities for the church / location

You can also find all additional information in one Wedding ABC Collect nicely so that your wedding invitation texts don't get too long.

Examples of the text for the wedding invitation can be found below.

Gift wishes: text templates for the wedding invitation

In any case, your wedding invitation should include a remark about what you want your guests to do for the wedding. If you have set up a gift table, you should also write this in the invitation text for the wedding. But if you already have everything and wedding money gifts are the gift of choice, then you should expressly refer to them Invitation cards write.

Most newlyweds feel uncomfortable writing such a text in the wedding invitation. But if you have already married yourself or have already been to a wedding, you will certainly understand that. The following wedding invitation text has proven to be helpful at many weddings and is usually well received:

"Since we already have a full household, we would be most happy about monetary gifts (for the honeymoon)."

If your wedding guests have a longer journey, this text on the subject of monetary gifts is also suitable:

“Since you can only take a little luggage with you, we would like to free you from the burden of large gifts. An envelope is sufficient ;-). "

You can of course also write something funnier and more humorous than text. But keep in mind that such humor is not always understood by everyone. It is therefore advisable to leave the wedding invitation text at least halfway neutral.

A rhyme is a nice middle ground here:

"Dear guests are so nice,
our household is complete.
Do you want to make us happy
let our piggy bank laugh. "

"Please bring a good mood with you, then the festival will be a huge hit.
May you then still think: 'What should we give them both?'
So it doesn't make it too difficult for you, put a few euros in the envelope for us. "

You can find more nice sayings for the text of the wedding invitation in our free PDF (see end of article).

The feedback on the wedding invitation

Set a clear deadline for the invitees, after all, you have to plan the wedding sensibly. This should not be too short, but also not too long, because otherwise there is a risk that some will postpone the feedback first and then forget it! However, this alone does not protect against the forgetful and unreliable.

It is therefore not advisable to use formulations that only include acceptance or rejection. If you ask that the guests only contact us if they want to come ("Please contact us by June 1st.") You risk that someone will not register out of absent-mindedness, although they want to come and then suddenly stands before you with a present.

The reverse is also true: if you only ask to cancel (“If you cannot come, please let us know by June 1st”), you risk that some will not come, but that you are definitely expecting.

The ideal solution: A neutral formulation such as "Please let us know by June 1st whether you will come". Enter your contact details directly under this sentence, preferably the telephone number and / or email address.

Abbreviations such as U.A.w.g. (An answer is asked) should be omitted from wedding invitations, because they are so unusual today that many can no longer do anything with them.

Of course you can also give one to the guests Reply card enclose or the answers about your Wedding website collect. This way, valuable information can be requested from the guests (vegetarians? Music requests? Etc.).

Further information for guests

Any further information should be provided after this “compulsory part”. Information such as the (online) wedding table, wedding website, etc. should also contain specific contact details.

Overall, however, the text in the invitation to the wedding should not be too long. Further information can be provided via an insert or the link to the wedding website.

Sandy from braut.TV shows you the structure and great ideas from her invitation text for the wedding.

Envelope and labels

Finally, the invitation must be packaged well and attractively. In addition to the classic, white envelopes, you can also Envelopes with printed lining order - it looks particularly elegant and is sure to delight your guests!

If you have the labels printed in the style of your card design, it also looks great and the envelope doesn't look so “boring”.

3. Wedding invitation text examples

Here we have some sample texts for the wedding invitation cards for you, so you already have the first sentences and can adapt them individually. Of course, you can also use the appropriate text modules from various templates.

We are going to marry

on August 11, 2020 at 1:00 p.m.
in the Evangelical Church in
90999 Musterdorf, Musterstrasse 26.
For the subsequent wedding celebration
to the Landgasthof Blumenthal in 90888 Musterstadt, Mustergasse 78
we would like to invite you very cordially.
Please let us know by June 31, 2020 whether you can come.
Susanne and Markus, Tel. 0999-1234567, E-Mail: [email protected]


On August 11th, 2020 we will dare

The festive service begins at
1 p.m. in the Marienkirche in Musterstadt, Musterstraße 26.
After the wedding we would like to be with you
spend a nice day together.
The wedding celebration will take place in Musterdorf in the Goldener Stern restaurant, Mustergasse 88.
If you want to give a performance at the wedding party,
then please contact our maid of honor Nina
for coordination by June 30th (contact 0999-1234567).
Stefanie and Jochen are looking forward to your visit.
Please let us know by June 30th if you can come.

Our happiness will be perfect - because we will get married on August 11, 2020!

We would like to cordially invite you to this.
The church wedding with baptism takes place at 1 p.m.
in the Protestant church in Musterdorf, Mustergasse 26.
After the ceremony, we celebrate in a relaxed atmosphere (or with the family) in the restaurant
“Krone“, Musterstrasse 88 in Musterdorf.
Please let us know by June 31st,
whether you can spend this special day with us.
Greetings full of anticipation
Sabine, Hans and Emma, ​​Tel .: 0999-1234567


A chance encounter? Love at first sight!

We're getting married on Saturday, August 11th. at 12 o'clock
at the registry office Musterstadt.
That special day
we would like to follow up with everyone
our friends and relatives
Celebrate in the Landgasthof Müller, Musterstrasse 27 in Musterdorf.
We cordially invite you to do this.
In the Wedding ABC you will find all further information about our special day.
Please let us know by June 31. know whether we can count on you.
Gabi and Klaus

4. Text examples for your wedding invitation to download

We have put together many examples for the texts of your wedding invitation in a three-page PDF for you - just print them out or copy the passages you want

Register for our free wedding tips and you will receive the collection of helpful invitation texts for your wedding via download link (PDF).

Link tips on the subject of wedding invitations:

If you cannot decide between the individual providers, you should read our experience reports from the card providers.

For special formats or unusual details, you will find many suggestions in our article "Creative and special wedding invitations".

A trend in recent years is so-called scrapbooking. The cards are made from high-quality paper and stamps. With this technique, impressive 3D effects are possible that turn every wedding invitation into a real eye-catcher. With the appropriate instructions and materials, even inexperienced hobbyists can create unique and beautiful invitation cards.

Choose your wedding cards right away!

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