Would someone like to write poetry

Poetry and writing

Poems have been around for centuries. Even earlier, people wrote poetry, in the world of art, also called poetry or lyric poetry. Well-known works by famous poets such as: Goethe, Heine, Rilke, Schiller, Lessing or Morgenstern and many others can still be found all over the world today. The poems of these famous poets are taught in school and the students usually learn at least one of these beautiful works by heart. A poem like this, performed correctly, not only sounds good, it also stimulates the imagination. "Correct" means that the presenter uses his or her voice on the appropriate lines. If it is a sad poem, you speak in a slightly lower voice. The speaker should also pause briefly on thoughtful passages. The listener should have the feeling that he is in the middle of the poem and the story itself.

There are many types of poetry. Love poems, friendship poems, mourning poems and many more. They cannot always be classified into categories; they are too different for that. Everyone who writes a poem has their own writing style. Two people who write about the same thing rarely use the same words for it. But why do people write poetry? Do you just want to be creative? Do you write on a whim? Why are there so many different poems? Many people write poems to process things, to deal with situations or to analyze them better. It helps many to write down what is bothering them or what is haunted in their head. Poems don't have to rhyme because they're not rhymes. Poems arise from feeling, fantasy and experiences. For example, a woman who writes a love poem for her partner would like to use this poem to express how much she loves him. This is not always easy, because the woman has to summarize her thoughts and feelings and put them into words. Even if a person has suffered a severe loss and wants to process it through a poem, it is very difficult. Because how do you put great sadness into words? Some people write everything from their souls in a poem, while others express themselves very carefully and carefully. If you analyze a poem more closely and you know the person who wrote it, then you can sometimes infer a lot from this poem. Poems are very popular because paper is very patient. If necessary, you can sit for hours in front of the blank sheet of paper and think about what to say. These thoughts and feelings are then put on this blank sheet of paper, filling the blank pages. People for whom a poem was written and who are then allowed to read it are touched and very happy about it. The spoken word is a difficult thing, because often you can destroy a lot with the "said" word, even if you didn't mean it "like that". With a poem, the person has an opportunity to think about what they want to say because it not only takes seconds, it can take minutes or hours.

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