Which countries have mummies

The remedies used for embalming were believed to have a healing effect and many a corpse was pulverized into medicine. At the beginning of the 20th century, the pharmaceutical company Merck in Darmstadt sold the products for 12 gold marks per kilo with the addition of Mumia vera to their name. The test to the example is difficult to carry out on the plastic doll. But maybe the small box is more of a reminder of bizarre mummy parties of the 19th century. Napoleon's expeditions to Egypt had triggered a veritable Egyptomania in England.

The English nobility invited to their parties to have mummies wrapped together. In addition to the horror, the guests hoped to find valuable grave goods in the form of jewelry or medallions between the linen bandages. The use of the sarcophagus box as a jewelry box suggested by the souvenir seller is perhaps not that far-fetched after all. However, what someone wants with a real Egyptian sarcophagus including a mummy, as the auction house Christie's auctioned it for $ 1.1 million four years ago, remains a mystery that the anonymous owner will probably take to the grave.

Margit Kohl, SZ from November 25, 2010

Replica in the exhibition "Tutankhamun - His grave and his treasures".

It's strange what people pack in their suitcases on their way home: Anyone who receives this souvenir should think about their relationship with the traveler...