How Introverts Survive College

Is it mandatory to have a little chat with your colleagues?


Is it mandatory to have a little chat with your colleagues?

In short, no - it is not. You don't have to get into company socials and chit chat if you don't want to, that's your prerogative. But it certainly is that polite Thing (to speak of a western POV).

The talk your colleagues give you about the Have held "survival in the industry" was probably a bit of an exaggeration if we're honest. If you do a good job you will to survive .

But that could have a consequence, and the question you have to ask yourself is, are you lucky enough to just survive?

While you will obviously be judged by the quality of your work, you will also be judged by your ability to interact and get along with your colleagues. You work as a team so this is an important skill to learn.

A scenario is best to get my point across, I think.

You and a colleague have been with the company for a similar length of time, are at a similar level and produce a similar quality of work. A doctorate is pending and you are both interested.

You keep yourself to yourself, as is your right, but your coworker is a little more sociable and has a well-established relationship with your seniors. Nothing too familiar, but they talk regularly over coffee and what not.

When your seniors are deciding who to sponsor - who would they choose?

From experience, I would choose the more sociable person who already has a better relationship with their colleagues.

Rui F Ribeiro

Being an introvert doesn't mean not having a good relationship with coworkers.


@RuiFRibeiro bad wording. I edited my post to indicate a "better relationship" as "decent".

Matthew Whited

It's not too over the top ... If you want to be more than an entry level developer, you need to learn how to work with people. After all, software development is really about the users of the software, not the computer on which it runs.


I think it depends on the seniors themselves. As an introvert, I usually only speak to a handful of people in the first few months of a new collective, and it takes over a year to be able to speak to dozens of coworkers. However, I'm usually the first to know everyone's names and opinions, while the more sociable colleagues sometimes only know their own opinions. Often times, the higher up are intelligent enough to know that the outgoing is more expressive and the introvert is more absorbing (listening), so there is no clear path as to which one should prefer.


If there was only one dimension for that Promotion there , of course, it makes sense to promote the more sociable person who could make a better boss / manager / team leader. But that would not be good for the company in the long run, as it would lead to a loss of skills who feel they are not being recognized for their work if they are not interested in getting a more "bossy" role.