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I do not know if I am authorized to write this text. Because I have to tell you something in advance if you haven't noticed my name: I am a woman.

You may or may not be surprised by this.

Probably one or the other of you will have already suspected that. But I prefer to emphasize it right at the beginning so that we don't get into each other at the end and I have to tell you that I'm just a woman after all. Ordinary women actually have nothing to say in the media these days. We only have the right to hear assessments of our lives from young 30-year-old authors who know exactly what is good for us.

Because you know, with us women it is like this: we really don't know what is good for us. We're a little, well, let's say stupid. We have just received this from the research team at SZ - you can find an analysis here - explained again. What it says there is one of our already familiar vices: On average, we earn less money than men, we are even less interested in careers and status symbols than men. But we are ready to spend more money, of which we consequently have to have less, on beauty and food. And we'd rather take up social professions than get excited about technology. Of course, you are right, we are not all like that. But the tendencies are obvious in comparison. Compared to the men.

On top of that, we're so damn soft. And I don't mean our delicate skin and our smooth curves. I mean, we're so right, really effeminate emotionally. We screech in concerts, we squeal when someone puts a baby in our hands, and we write text messages of epic lengths so that the other person feels comfortable too. We like to relate things to ourselves so that we are more likely to exhibit auto-aggressive behavior than men. We want to please, we want to be loved and we want to have it all in nicely decorated places, preferably with flowers and lots of milk foam. Of course, this does not meet with approval everywhere.

One could argue that we women have always been like that. We would have started this behavior with Eve, the Snake, and Adam and have simply not stopped to this day. And because that has always been the case, we have always been dependent on outside help. We used to have our husbands for that. They helped us find the right employer and made sure that we did not neglect our duties as mothers and housewives. If we were overwhelmed, the husband could write us the necessary termination with his protective hand, so that we had more space and time for the essentials. This ensured socially that our children had a loving and not overburdened mother at home in order to grow up healthy. Whereas the man struggled alone in the harsh world of work to enable us to live a carefree life.

Unfortunately, I cannot tell you what happened then. Perhaps the men were tired of sailing alone in the storms of the labor markets. Perhaps one or the other daughter from a less good family has looked in the world beyond the household for boundaries that were denied to her at home. But our guided and carefree life broke away bit by bit. We had to learn to decide for ourselves whether we wanted to pursue a job even though we had a family to cook for. We began to study more and the first madmen began to demand rights for us. The same rights as men would have. Although we still refused to perform the same duties. Public parking lots and their often lamented abuse by us women with leaning cars are only one of many silent witnesses.

Of course, I don't want to polemic, we're not all stupid. Not that one. Just the majority of us. And that we are like a bunch of disoriented chickens who still need a caring, guiding hand has struck even the most astute elite of us. Therefore, not without the energetic support of some men, they got together and thought about how to help us. Of course, special attention was paid to the mothers among us. Because it is socially particularly delicate when we mothers of all people are left alone with our lives. That would not only affect us, women, but the entire future generation of our country as well.

Unfortunately, because we had got used to the taste of freedom in the meantime, the wheel could not be turned back completely. That's the crux of the matter with privileges. Even the dumbest don't like to give up their advantages, such as professional freedom. And because we couldn't keep up with the housework and work, some of the confused of us fell back into old behavior and stayed completely at home as soon as they had children or others still worked full-time (just imagine!) Instead of themselves To dedicate to family a new structure had to be created. A new framework that we could use as a guide without jeopardizing the future of the whole country. This has now happened with the combined help of politics, feminism and many smart men and super smart women.

We are now allowed to work part-time as mothers with the fathers.

Yes! You read that right! We are allowed to do this now! And if we do that, then Father State will reward us with a pocket money allowance. Our husband is then at home more often to check that the house is in order. We can still meet our parental responsibilities in the household and with the children and now and then there is even enough time left so that we can relax and cover the pizza dough for dinner and treat ourselves to a glass of red wine and a nice face mask. What progress! In addition, we get a little explanation of the world from our friends from feminist circles, so that we stay up to date politically (some idiot accidentally granted us the right to vote, but that's another topic) and not only Talking about decorations and all that when we go out with the man in the evening. It would be a bit embarrassing these days to be so uneducated and unengaged. So, even as a woman, I can see it, as it was before, almost everything is fine again.

Nearly? Well A few crazy among us also have children, and somehow pissed off the man. Which is understandable. Not every man can stand it if he doesn't get something decent to eat regularly and long text messages clog his smartphone. And for these “single parents” the decision-making circles have not yet really found the solution. But just between us, I trust our politicians, feminism and, last but not least, our society. Together they will surely manage to show these fallen sisters the right way. And in the federal budget there may even be a small allowance for pocket money to make the eyes of single parents really shine again. It would be time.

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