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Peru entry requirements and arrival

Entering Peru is straightforward, especially if you arrive by plane. Vacationers do not need a visa. We have compiled a few brief facts about the respective type of entry (land from third countries or air) below. You will also find tips on flights to Peru below.

  • To enter Peru, the passport be valid for at least six months from the date of entry.
  • An identity card is not enough for entry, but you can get one if necessary temporary passport getting exhibited.
  • Tourists can stay in the country for up to 90 days.
  • The following applies to entry by land: Tourists also receive one Immigration card ("Tarjeta Andina de MigraciĆ³n"), which indicates how long they stay in the country. You return this card when you leave the country.
  • For entry by land, the following also applies: Pay attention to the entry stamp in your passport and on the entry card to avoid problems when leaving the country.
  • Especially the border posts from the direction of Bolivia are not guarded at night, which is why rural travelers cannot get an entry stamp and therefore have to plan their border crossing during the day.
  • The following applies to entry by air: The length of stay at Lima Airport is recorded electronically. Make sure that it is recorded correctly in the passport.
  • If you lose your immigration card, you may be charged a fine. In addition, the specified duration of the trip should not be exceeded, otherwise a (very) small daily amount will have to be paid.

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Airlines to and airport in Peru

  • The most common flight connection from Germany is Frankkurt / Main - Lima with at least one stopover.
  • The flight time from Germany to Peru usually takes between 15 and 17 hours with a change.
  • The more stopovers, the longer the journey time. It is therefore advisable to book a flight with AirEuropa, LATAM, KLM, AirFrance, which fly with only one stopover (usually via Madrid).
  • All other airlines with scheduled flights Germany-Peru have a travel time of over 20 hours and some have two stopovers.
  • Other important domestic airports in Peru are Jorge Chavez International Airport in Lima (LIM): Cusco (CUZ, Peru), Arequipa (AQP, Peru), Tarapoto (TPP, Peru), Iquitos (IQT), Puerto Maldonado (PEM), Trujillo (TRU), Piura (PIU), Huaraz (ATA).

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