Are Ford cars still fun to drive?

People are always looking for cool sayings for the bumper or the rear window. In the event that the words are still missing for the "correct" sticker text you have been looking for - you will find it here.
The slogans can be used as stickers, for the rear window, bumper or spoiler, as a t-shirt print, or simply as a text message for in between. Always according to the motto: give rubber!

This extensive list (of course free of charge) on the subject of sayings about the car serves as inspiration - for everyone who is inspired by the passion (also applies to passengers). The collection includes the most original, the coolest, the most daring, the weirdest, the most incredible and of course the ultimate car sayings. Use at your own risk. Parents are responsible for their children.
But watch out: some of the very good sayings are funny, others are good-natured, others are really "deepened" (see also flat jokes), some are a bit nasty and could therefore conjure up dangerous reactions from other road users.

Car brands sayings

A Colt just in case!VW = completed marvelI have my pride tooOPEL = Eternally last without powerTWINGOnian battle star!Away with FORD, back with the train!Opel and VW: It's good that we made a comparison!VW = Armory WolfsburgHigh in pollutants and low in performance!God protect us from storms and winds and cars that are from Japan.Small but mighty !!!TEST CARS - Do not wash!No, he hasn't passed over yet.You don't treat yourself to anything editionLife is hard - my LUPO is harder!Better to drive golf than play golf!All that glitters is not golf!Dreams have a name.I actually wanted a Lamborghini - but I didn't know how to pronounce it!Temporarily closed! [on convertible roof]Without wordsOnly the finestA truck crashed into this bump!Tested by Al Bundy!My car is alive!FIAT - now also with flux compensator!When I grow up, I want to be a fire engine.Heavy humBad toys for bad boysWhen I grow up, I'll be a FerrariEnvy has to be earned, pity is free!Look - but only with your eyes!Biker out of serviceGod gave us a sign! VWTHE POWER OF 45 HP!My motorcycle drives even without TÜVFrom 250 km / h my broom pulls a little to the right.Simply huge, the little one!ATTENTION! Tournament crocodilesMaserati heating oilThere are four wheels to horrorGolden biker rule: stop first, then get off!Biker in the baby yearTestament forms in the glove compartmentMafia company carFIAT = Ferrari in extraordinary camouflageOPEL = obvious botch of an apprenticeTempo 100 - well, for the sake of the golf!I like the Golf - because it's so easy to overtake!OPEL = Optimal Power, Tremendous PerformanceFORD = Driving without a real perspective1st Opel Combat SquadronPlease don't steal ... Getaway vehicle! VIP limousineMy car has more horsepower than your top speed car!CORSA - When I grow up, I become an OMEGA!BMW = Thrown away at MercedesFor all fans: here comes the Benz!GOLF = device without logical functionFollow me if you can!BMW = bring me to the workshop!Worst driver of the yearFIAT = sufficient technology for ItaliansFIAT = failure in all partsFORD = Fix or Repair DailyPlace there, here comes Mazda!Don Promillo Horror Racing TeamI am a Japanese Rolls Royce!Everyone talks about getting drunk, nobody talks about thirst!VW = COMPLETELY WORTHLESSMAZDA = My car destroys German jobsSeat - See, get in, get out of the car, laughingAudi: Also indisputable among idiotsI am a recycling Ferrari.Honda = Arrived today without any defects worth mentioning

Car sticker

Loan from the prehistoric museum!Dad didn't pay anything for it.Nobody is perfect.Please do not post any advertising!The main thing is that the hair is lying.You get used to everything.NOT FOR DO-IT-YOURSELF100% illegal workOld but payed!I am a well-trained speed beastOld but dangerous.Fast, cheeky and unstoppableOld but mine!My valve caps were more expensive than your whole carI don't drive slowly, there is a GTI in front of me!Please do not park - getaway vehicle!Pocket RocketGently refined!Often copied, never reached!My car isn't parked, it's lurking!Beware, he might be in a bad mood!The little savage!For the best in men!Try something new!Heavy hum!Pothole locator!Poison dwarfTaste makes you lonely!Best before . . . see bottom plate!Porsche driver without a Porsche is looking for a Porsche driver without a Porsche driverStopping useless, everything entered!Car of the century!The original!The myth lives!This car is under monument protection!This vehicle is insured with Smith & Wesson!You can feel it!Simply fantastic!Nobody lives forever!The only crap that nothing grows on is the pessimist!Hellfire smokes and stinks, Satan waves from below :)Better rich and healthy than poor and sick!There are worse things!Better to bog at night than spend the night in a swamp.Evil is always and everywhere!You don't buckle up in this car, people die here!Sounds strange but that's how it isThose who die sooner are dead longer!Here the devil drives himself.Gods wrath!One life Live It!Get rid of MONDAY MORNING!

Funny car sayings

The best die young!Between the liver and the spleen, there is still room for a mushroom!Only the best die young!Heaven Can Wait!Life is too short to drive anything else.Who lives forever never goes dead!Knowledge is power! Knowing nothing does not matter!I'm not afraid of death, I just don't want to be there when it happens.There are days when you lose!Between no more and not yet.Better a shaky counter than a steady relationshipFirmly in fidelityWho drives like the devil will meet him soon too!Better to die while driving than to live constantlyGod is closer to you than you are to my bumper!Life is what happens while you are planning other things.You die even if you are nice!Live your dreams or dream your lifeNODDING IS EASY WITH AN EMPTY HEADTry ...!What is still normal today?We are allowed to!You dare!Full flat!See you later!Forget it!Full roarBetter not do it!Wishbone in mortal danger!Checks that?

Cool sayings by & for stokers

Only brake when you see God, but then brake like the devil!Go ahead and overtake - we'll cut you out - your FIRE DEPARTMENTSay no to the rain and heat up on a dry road!Gone stupid!We have no time!!!Why rush? 230 km / h are completely sufficient!VW fighter squadronTip out, buckle up, shut up!Please keep your distance, we don't know each other that well!We eat early!Never ride faster than your guarding angel can fly!I am small and mean!Of course you are faster, but I drive in front of youI'm coming.Fun is what you make of it!Brakes are for losers!Consideration means a clear view to the rearBeginner!What is it ???The street is on fire, there is smoke. a GTI has appeared!Don't follow me, I've lost my way tooI am not driving slowly. I just concentrate.If you can read this, I've lost my trailerOne thing is clear: the road is mine!Overly calm, hunting is more fun!Do not hunt what you can not kill

Auto-Tuning - For powerful vehicles

2Almost 4YouWhen the patience was distributed, I was standing in a traffic jam honking my horn!Always full Rööhhhhar!Oh, I can take the few steps too!NO RISK NO FUNLook ahead, never look back!It's great that you take your time. Isn't the view wonderful.Please don't honk, driver dreams of ***!Cover me, I'll change lanes.On the way in the name of the LordEverything, just not slowly!You are faster than me, but I drive in front of you.If you drive up even closer, you can park in the trunk.YES - your headlight flasher works perfectly!G-Laden and unlocked!Honking the horn is useless, the driver is remote-controlled from Moscow.No Pain, NO GAME!No bang without thingsYou might be faster, that's why we're armed!Sorry for driving so close in front of you!

Show-off sayings

ABC - A Bavarian Crew!Usually we come back!Looking for a new guardian angel, mine is on my nervesNever drive so close in front of me again - be afraid, my air filter will suck you in!Do not Cry . Fight !!!You can't get in here.Whoever brakes loses, whoever blinks, lies and whoever turns is a coward.. and from now on me!The STUPID didn't invent the car. You just DRIVE with it.Whoever brakes later drives faster longerStand on the right - speed on the left!. don't blink, FIGHT!When everyone thinks of themselves, everyone is thought of.Hang the greens while there are still trees!Fear is just a feeling.Tempo 100 in the multi-storey car park is OKGive me time to think!No brain - no problemGo ahead and overtake. I'm buying up your scrap!The deer jumps up, the deer jumps far, why not, it has time.Pug speed!If you want to overtake me, it's hard to nibble!Burn your tires, but not your soulStreet wet - foot off the gas; Street dry - put your socks on.I have to go!FÜ = driver overtakenDo not tow this vehicle! - I didn't park it here by accident!

Show-off sayings

We live far beyond our means, but far from befitting!If you drive forward to the tree, the engine compartment shrinks!Faster than the police allow!There you look!I can explain that!Do not hunt what you can not kill!Are you crazy?Better is this!It doesn't even exist!I only brake at the destination!It was not me!Was there something?And goodbye!Please slow down and pull over!Urgent alcohol!There can only be one master !!!Open up! - I shoot badly!Boys pull the handbrake, men have rear-wheel drive! When I grow up, I'll overtake you all!Only fools do read this!Women drive better .. with the bus!We're not racing, we're flying low!But otherwise, thank you!Blind fish!Awesome!And where do you think?Look for opponents, not victims!Accelerates mind & body!That's where the mail goes!Curves are feminine - cockiness is masculine!

Car Sayings - T-Shirt

Better 2 Kölsch than a bit!Displacement instead of spoilers!Can performance be a sin?Can sound pressure be a sin?Missing performance is replaced by madness!We'll stay together until the TÜV parting!Better a V8 than 16VMissing tuning is replaced by charm.It's not deep. not yet!!!Have you ever tried it WITHOUT a handbrake?Space instead of performanceOnly for G-LADENE guestsI have more horsepower than your top speed!Honk the horn, my radio is louder.In the long run, only POWER helps!OK. mine needs 25 liters, but my doors are not made of newsprint.Only the Titanic is deeper!My starter has more kW than your engine!Who will protect us from the environmentalists ?!Displacement instead of living space!Ants: head down!Who is TÜFF?The throttle is your friend - still choke it!There is no substitute for displacement!I have the power of the two candlesRight is gasLoud and clear!T.Ü.V. - Totally superfluous clubYour engine is as big as my alternator!Only 3 liters consumption - when starting!Please keep a distance of 2 meters from the flame outlet!Compressor instead of catalyst!It can't be because of the oil that I'm so slow, because there isn't any in it!Cars with character don't drink E10Can achievement be a sin?4 bars are 2 too manyOnly the finest!Endless performanceLess is often more!It has never been lower!It was never as valuable as it is today!

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