British regrets leaving the EU

The British are leaving the EU. Bye-bye with great regret.


Regardless of how you feel about Brexit - this January 31, 2020 marks a historic turning point in Europe. With the British, a member state is leaving the Union of its own free will for the first time in the history of the EU (formerly the EEC and the EC). And in the coming months, the course will be set for how this experiment will turn out: as a model of success for those who want to bring the European project back to a mainly economic level of cooperation - or as a historical mistake that retreats to the national small and small gives wrong answer to the global competition with the big centers of power.

The departure of the British is already regrettable for Europe, but especially for us Germans. Many a Prime Minister (not to mention the Iron Lady) may have incensed the EU partners at summits with their special wishes - in many ways the British pillar was important for the internal balance of the European Union. Against the now strengthened Mediterranean faction in the EU-27, Berlin will have a harder time in the future without the pragmatic partners from London. And the government in London will have to make sure that the break-away virus from the EU does not spread to the UK. The European flags are particularly fervently hoisted in Scotland. . .

The negotiations between London and Brussels, which are now beginning, are facing a double challenge: They should enable a close partnership across the English Channel without serving as an attractive blueprint for other renegades in Europe. Large car companies and many small companies in Bavaria will follow the talks until the end of the year.

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