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What is a SIP provider? On which Services should i pay attention? Which SIP providers are there? You will find out these and other questions about advantages and costs in this guide to SIP providers. Calculate your savings potential now

What is a SIP provider?

A SIP provider is one of the core elements for the Voice-over-IP telephony (VoIP). With a SIP provider, you insert yourself user account to make your business calls over the Internet from now on. The SIP provider acts as an interface that enables the VoIP telephony service. After the successful creation of your user account, the SIP providerPhone numbers and access data assigned. You should get your Take old phone numbers with you want to (port), this is usually not a problem. While with local telephone systems in the server room of a company the responsibility lies with the respective company, you take over SIP provider takes full responsibility for its SIP server.

A SIP server regulates the establishment and dismantling of calls via the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP). This protocol converts the voice signals into digital, small data packets. These small packets are then transmitted over the internet line. At the other end, the data is decrypted again and converted into understandable language. The The SIP provider is thus the mediatorwho has an overview of all SIP calls and transfers the calls to the right person. A SIP provider is connected to the landline network so that you can easily access the Internet Landline calls can do.

Services of the SIP provider

The designation SIP provider implies that this is a company that provides full service or sells hardware. However, this is not the case. In the world of VoIP, devices / extensions / telephones are referred to as Client and the server as SIP provider. SIP is the protocol for assembly and dismantling. The provider also provides the directory with which a client can be found on the Internet. SIP providers pass on calls to each other free of charge. As a SIP user ofcheap call connections benefit.

After the end of a phone call, the client reports this to its SIP provider. After logging out, the provider releases the client for new connections / calls. In order to earn money with a SIP server, providers have oneGateway to the landline network. This allows customers to make and receive calls in the fixed network. You usually have to pay a fee for connections to the landline network.

The most popular SIP providers

Through the upcoming ISDN shutdown / All IP conversion of the major telecommunications providers like the Telecom there is an increased interest in VoIP telephony. We have put together the following list for you to give you an overview of the various SIP providers on the market:

providersmonthly Costs*
WIRECLOUDBasic: € 0.00
Pro: € 2.50
toplinkVoIP basic from € 0
VoIP Eco from € 2.90
EasybellCloud telephone system 10: € 9.95
from € 8.80 per extension
fonialfonial Free from € 0
fonial plus from € 2.90
Sipgatesipage basic from € 0
sipgate team from € 9.95

* All information from 02/14/2020; no guarantee

Advantages of a SIP provider

Medium term will your telephone connection has also been switched to IP become. In the following, you will find out which advantages modern telephony via SIP offers you:

Cost savings

As a customer, you can benefit from many thanks to IP technology to cut costs. There are several reasons for this. For one, you need no phone hardware more that causes acquisition and maintenance costs. Services such as telephony, Internet and cellular communications can now also be used in a Paket be summarized.

For telephoning via SIP is telephone connection no longer necessary, just an adequate broadband internet connection. As a guide: 100 kbit / s per voice channel in upload and download direction. You can achieve additional savings through the mostly lower connection fees. Internal phone calls to colleagues in other branches at home and abroad are free anyway.

Global accessibility

Telephony over an Internet line also enables you to use for your customers, partners and colleagues on road, in the Home office or in foreign countries under your normal office number stay attainable. To do this, you can simply install a corresponding app for your mobile phone or a softphone for your laptop, or you can connect your VoIP phone to the Internet by cable. Regardless of where you connect from, you can still make calls at the German landline price. Internal calls are also free of charge abroad.

Short minimum contract term

Most SIP providers offer you maximum flexibility one-month notice period. This is how SIP telephony works too for startups and young companies attractive who may be afraid of a long contract. In addition to terminating the contract, you can also use your Adjust tariff monthly. Do you have new employees? So book additional devices without any problems. Flat rates can also be adjusted on a monthly basis.

More effective communication & collaboration

Because everything is now handled over the Internet line, there is also one improved collaboration and networking possible between all employees. So depending on the SIP provider File sharing orConference calls enables. Companies can also save costs for face-to-face meetings thanks to the versatile unified communications features.

The SIP provider WIRECLOUD

With WIRECLOUD as a SIP provider you get that Carefree package in the form of a professional cloud telephone system with over 150 modern functions. You pay per device (VoIP phone or soft client) only € 2.50 per month and enjoy maximum flexibility. You can still be reached globally under your personal phone number and can add new phone numbers or unsubscribe at any time. This becomes your virtualScalable telephone system and adapts perfectly to the situation of your company. It arise no charge for services you don't use.

A telephone connection is no longer necessary for the VoIP telephone system, just a sufficient data line. There are no costs for hardware and its maintenance. The maintenance of the telephone system is 100% taken over by WIRECLOUD. Through this are Cost savings of up to 50% possible compared to conventional telephone systems.

Security with the SIP provider

The WIRECLOUD telephone system is used in various high-performance data centers redundantly hosted in Germany. Through this "double deployment"it ensures that your telephone system continues to work, even if parts of the infrastructure should fail. This means you benefit from a high Quality standard, completely secure data and one 99.9% availability.

Everything on the web


The entire telephone system is easily managed online in your browser via the login area. You can use all functions and edit all settings from anywhere at any time.

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