How do I travel with young children

Which countries and hotels are best for the Vacation with a toddler suitable? How much do I have to pay extra for my child when booking? How do I entertain a toddler on a plane? Where can I change nappies and what actually happens to the stroller on the plane? I have dealt with these and other questions for you and help you plan your family vacation.

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Which holiday destinations are suitable for toddlers?

Of course, the European classics, which have topped the list of the most popular holiday destinations for years, are also wonderfully suitable for a holiday with a small child. Whether you are dreaming of the beaches on Mallorca, planning a road trip through the Italian Tuscany or you want to put your feet up in a beach chair on the Baltic Sea - the long-running favorites Spain, Germany and Italy attract with a good tourist infrastructure, family-friendly hotels and varied activities. But above all the trustworthy ones western standards and the certainty of a reliable health system make the European vacation spots an everlasting classic for a vacation with children.

Destinations for a vacation with small children in Europe

You are looking for inspiration for your vacation with a toddler? I have a few suggestions for you:

Tip: In my practical booking process you can search for great Offers for your family vacation search. I have already filtered the offers according to family-friendliness, but you can change the settings as you wish and find the best vacation for you and your children. Give it a try!

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Long-distance travel with a toddler? Why not!

But you can not only travel within Europe with small children. Why not fly a little further away and show the offspring something of the big wide world? South America? Africa? Or even Asia? "Just no long-distance trip“, It is often said on some advice pages.

Flying has now become easy and comfortable

But I see it differently. Flying has now become so easy and comfortable that the flying hours are up in no time. Watching films, walking around, sleeping, playing - everything is now possible on the plane, not least thanks to the good range of airlines for children. Many distant countries also offer a very good infrastructure modern health system and high security - that is something that you should definitely focus on when planning your trip. No matter where you are going, it is advisable to visit the pediatrician before going on holiday for the first time. He can then tell you whether you want a special vaccination for the child needed, but also which behavior tips are appropriate for certain travel regions. I also recommend foreign health insurance, the protection of which also applies to your child. You can find a detailed comparison of the best in my travel magazine Foreign health insurance.

For a trip with a small child, I can also recommend the countries of the United Arab Emirates, for example Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Hospitality is very important here, and this also applies to the little guests. You will receive a similar warm welcome in the USA or Canada. Another advantage of the two countries: Sufficient infrastructure and good medical care are guaranteed.

There is, of course, some risk in terms of this eat. If you are still breastfeeding your child, you don't have to worry, after all, you always carry the germ-free and healthy breast milk with you. Otherwise, it is best to take some food options with you in advance or pay attention to certain criteria when choosing a hotel. I'll tell you what these are in a moment.

Long-distance travel destinations for holidays with small children

In the following I have listed a few ideas for possible holiday destinations with small children outside of Europe, maybe there is the right travel destination for you.

Important: If only one parent travels abroad with a child, this one must Power of attorneycarry with you. This is because border controls are used to determine whether you are out and about with your offspring with the consent of the second parent. Even if you go on vacation with the child of friends or relatives, you must bring a travel authorization with you.

Find family-friendly hotels

But not only the choice of the destination is decisive, the choice of the hotel can also contribute to making the vacation a success for the whole family. If you travel with small children, it is Child friendliness of the club or resort is usually particularly important when on vacation. What to look for when choosing the Hotels for families should pay particular attention, I'll tell you now:

  • Does the hotel or resort have activities for children? Playgrounds, children's pools, animation and clubs in which the children are cared for in an age-appropriate manner ensure that there is no boredom on vacation and that parents can lean back and relax.
  • Does the food meet the children's wishes? Child-friendly meals are important, after all, many children are very picky when it comes to food.
  • Are the rooms suitable for families? When on vacation, all fellow travelers often share a room. This makes the size of the room and the equipment that awaits you here all the more important. An extra bed or an available passage to the adjoining room are advantageous. Safety in the rooms (keyword sockets, risk of impact on edges, unsuitable balcony balustrade) is also important. There are designated family rooms in many hotels and can usually be selected when booking.

Many travel providers such as TUI, ITS or FTI have package tours in their portfolio that you don't have to worry about much about the organization. I also present you in my deals regularly great offers, which enable you to enjoy a carefree holiday with the family in Germany and other popular holiday countries.

When do I have to pay for my toddler on vacation?

Holidays with children can be expensive. That depends not only on where you want to go, but also with which tour operator you book and what your requirements are with regard to the hotel. As mentioned earlier, many tour operators offer this special offers for family vacations where you only pay a small surcharge if your child sleeps in your room. With other organizers, youngsters up to two years of age travel free of charge and with others you have to pay the full price.

All costs at a glance

If you book your trip with me, the price for all travelers will be displayed. Simply enter in the search mask how many children you are traveling with and what age they are.

If you just want to book the flight, the rules are a bit clearer: Some German and international airlines offer discounts for children. If your child is under two years of age, they are generally not entitled to their own seat, but rather sit on the lap of the adult accompanying them. That's why you get pretty good deals for your toddler. Of course, you always have the option of one own seat to book for your toddler or infant. This is often the more convenient option, especially for long-haul flights. You can then also sit on the seat a baby seat or a child seat attach. It is best to find out from the airline in advance to find out whether the seat or shell needs to be registered in advance.

As a deadline for that Maximum age Incidentally, the date of the return flight applies, or the last day of travel on cruises and package tours. You can get a good overview of the children's tariffs of the airlines in my tips on the subject Flying with children.

6 practical tips for flying with a toddler

There are quiet babies who prefer to sleep or keep themselves busy on the plane, and there are babies who need a lot of attention and activity. If your child is of the second kind, then I have good tips for you, so that the flight trip is as relaxed as possible for you and your child.

  • Tip 1: Most airlines allow you to stroller to take with you to the plane. It is best to find out more in advance on the website of the respective airline or at the latest at the check-in counter. The stroller will then be removed from you directly at the aircraft door and transported to the luggage compartment. When you arrive at your destination, the stroller will usually be returned to you at the aircraft door, but no later than at the baggage carousel.
  • Tip 2: During take-off and landing, your child must sit on your lap for safety reasons. You will also receive a so-called loop belt. This is first put on your child like a normal seat belt, and then connected to your own belt. If possible, families with small children are accommodated in the first row of the aircraft. There is often the possibility of a Baby basket to hang on the wall, in which your toddler up to twelve months can lie comfortably. The cabin crew will set up the basket for you after take-off and take it down again shortly before landing. In the high season it can happen that a lot of small children are on board, so that a baby basket is no longer available - it is best to notify the need in advance by phone.

  • Tip 3: If you've ever flown with a cold, you know that with insufficient pressure equalization ears can hurt quite a bit. Unfortunately, this happens very often with small children because the body does not know how to deal with the increasing pressure. The consequences are severe pain, crying and screaming. The Pressure equalization but can be actively supported or brought about in several ways: Moving the jaw and throat muscles when yawning, chewing or swallowing almost always works. Simply bottle feed the child during take-off and landing. If that doesn't help with your little ones, I recommend that you Sanohra fly earplugs to get. A pressure reducer slows down the pressure increase during landing in the area in front of the eardrum. It is important: the earplugs must be inserted about 45 minutes before take-off or landing in order to be able to help the child properly.
  • Tip 4: Depending on how long you've been on the road, the little passengers get bored. In addition to the usual, brought along toy there are usually a few goodies from the flight attendants that keep your child busy.

  • Tip 5: Did you know that you Take baby food with you on board without any problems may? If you get hungry, you can hand the glass to the flight attendants, who will warm up the food in a water bath. The cabin crew also warms water and milk bottles to the right temperature. I have dealt in detail with the topic of what food is allowed on the plane and have summarized the rules for you in my travel magazine.
  • Tip 6: What actually happens to a full diaper on the plane and where do you change it without disturbing the other passengers? In 99% of all cases there is one Changing table on the plane. Mostly this is in the front or in the second toilet of the aircraft. You should then just throw the full diaper into a trash can. On many flights you even get a small set of spare diapers from the crew, sometimes even with bottles and bibs. Just ask nicely.

Tips for driving a car with children

When you go on a family vacation in your own car, the challenges of traveling with children are usually similar to those of flying. After all, children want to be kept busy while driving and sitting or lying in the baby seat for too long quickly becomes boring and uncomfortable. So I now have four practical tips that are long Car trips with small children make it more pleasant for everyone involved:

  • Pull yourself and your toddler comfortable clothing at.
  • Lays regular breaks one in which the child is lifted out of the seat or the shell and you can stretch your legs. Fresh air and exercise are good against tiredness and a bad mood.
  • Protect your darling from strong sunlight Sun visorsthat can easily be attached to the windows.
  • Avoid driving too long distances and prefer one Stopover in order to continue rested the next day.

So that you can plan your journey by car correctly, I have many useful tips and suggestions in my article Entertainment for children while traveling put together for you.

Ready for a family vacation with a toddler?

I hope that with my tips and suggestions I was able to take your worries away from the next trip with your toddler. If you heed a few tips, both the journey and the actual vacation with the whole family will be an unforgettable experience. Do you have any other tips that you would like to share with other parents who love to travel? I'm looking forward for comments.

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