Rahul Gandhi is a vegetarian

"India's Kennedys" fell under the wheels of Modi

Meanwhile, the Congress Party, home of the Gandhi clan, only won around 50 seats. Rahul Gandhi even lost the ancestral seat of the dynasty in their stronghold of Amethi in the most populous state of Uttar Pradesh. He is now moving into parliament through his second seat in Kerala, South India.

Some are now calling for the end of the Nehru Gandhi dynasty, the "Indian Kennedys". Rahul's great-grandfather, Jawaharial Nehru, ruled the country as one of the founding fathers for 17 years, grandmother Indira Gandhi ruled for 15 years and father Rajiv for five years. The family paid a heavy toll: Indira and Rajiv Gandhi lost their lives in attacks. Sonia Gandhi, Rajiv's wife of Italian descent, reluctantly took over the leadership of the party but left the prime ministerial posts to others.

Son Rahul was chosen to continue the family legacy. The opponents dismissed the now 48-year-olds as too young, inexperienced and elitist. In contrast to his sister Priyanka, he was lacking in ambition and political talent, it was said. Critics accuse him of preferring to go to Italy in times of crisis - or even suspect him of having a second British passport.

To satisfy the nationalist-populist tendency that Modi serves, Rahul toured the temples of the subcontinent with Priyankas. But the party has a corrupt image. Now the Congress Party is facing a renewal - and many are asking whether Rahul is still the right man for it. (four)


("Die Presse", print edition, May 25, 2019)