Chrome Beta is faster than Chrome stable

Google releases faster Chrome beta

The new Chrome Beta contains various changes that were already included in the last developer versions. This includes a new version of the Javascript engine V8, which should be around 30 percent faster than the current stable version in the Javascript benchmarks V8 and SunSpider.

  1. M-net Telekommunikations GmbH, Munich
  2. operational services GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt am Main, Munich, Hamburg

If several websites are opened in parallel, Chrome should now proceed more intelligently when prioritizing HTTP requests. DNS caching, more efficient DOM bindings and the use of V8 for automatic proxy configuration can also provide more speed.

Newly opened tabs have also been changed, as websites can now be specifically defined or removed. In addition, parts of the page can be hidden.

The Omnibox for entering URLs and search queries has a modified drop-down menu and icons that allow you to differentiate between websites, search results and bookmarks. Another new feature is the option of visually adapting Chrome using themes.

Google has integrated additional functions from HTML 5 into the new beta version, so that Chrome now also supports Videotag and Web Worker.

Chrome's new beta is only available for Windows and can be downloaded from