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The profession of body and vehicle construction mechanic

Requirements for the profession of vehicle construction mechanic

Are cars your declared passion? Do you spend a large part of your free time screwing, welding and tuning? Do you know the inner workings of your car down to the last weld seam from the FF? Then these are very good prerequisites for the profession of body and vehicle construction mechanic. You can find out more about this profession in this article.

Working in a car repair shop or in a workshop

A bodywork and vehicle construction mechanic works in a car workshop or in a workshop. With the help of a wide variety of techniques and using different tools, he is responsible for repairing or manufacturing car bodies.

All-rounders who are enthusiastic about technology and cars are in demand

However, due to developments in the automotive industry, you can expect a lot of high-tech in this profession. Modern vehicles often have a high proportion of electronics and special control modules. The field of activity of a body and vehicle construction mechanic therefore extends not only to purely manual work, but also to activities on the computer. So an all-rounder is required.

Tasks of a body and vehicle construction mechanic in the workshop

Everyday tasks in a workshop

In most cases, it is a matter of removing minor damage to the body, for example as a result of a parking bump. In the event of a car accident, for example, new parts are often installed, as repairs are often not worthwhile. The special cases include, for example, damage caused by game, a fallen bike or damage to a car that has rolled over.

The basic area of ​​responsibility of a body and vehicle construction mechanic

The tasks in this profession basically consist of determining and assessing damage to a vehicle, including electronic measurements. A body and vehicle mechanic determines the causes of defects, errors and malfunctions and documents them.

Then he carries out the necessary maintenance measures and repairs. The installation of spare parts and the setting of weld seams are just two of the tasks involved. The assembly of special superstructures, air conditioning systems and cooling devices is also part of the field of activity. In addition to the technical instinct, sensitivity in dealing with customers is also required.

How to proceed with a repair

During a repair, the damaged parts are removed and replaced and installed according to a repair guide. The aim is to restore the vehicle to its original state.

Restoration of classic cars

The repair or restoration of a classic car is a particular challenge, because since the respective spare part is often no longer available, it has to be manufactured. This can also be the job of a body and vehicle construction mechanic.

The area of ​​responsibility of a bodywork and vehicle construction mechanic therefore covers an interesting range from new vehicles equipped with a lot of high-tech to individual vintage cars.

The body and vehicle construction mechanic - a recognized apprenticeship

A three and a half year apprenticeship

The body and vehicle mechanic is a recognized apprenticeship in the field of industry and trade as well as in the craft. The dual training takes three and a half years and takes place alternately in the workshop and in the vocational school. For example, lessons at the vocational school take place in two- or three-week blocks at two-month intervals.

Subjects in the vocational school

In the vocational school you will learn, among other things, technical drawing and metalwork. The subjects electronics, hydraulics, pneumatics and physics are also on the schedule alongside mathematics and German. A lot of specialist knowledge is imparted throughout the training.

There are no school requirements for training as a body and vehicle construction mechanic

From a purely legal point of view, there is no specific educational requirement for this profession. In practice, secondary school graduates and students with a secondary school leaving certificate are often accepted as trainees.

Earning opportunities of a body and vehicle construction mechanic

Monthly salary of a coachbuilder

The initial monthly salary immediately after the training is around 1,700 euros gross if you work in a workshop. In industry, the salary is often a little higher. It is not uncommon for large automobile manufacturers to pay a performance-based bonus once a year. In Schleswig-Holstein, a trained coachbuilder earns between € 1,905 and € 2,522 gross per month. The more experience a coachbuilder can have, the higher the salary tends to be. This applies both to an activity in the trade, i.e. in a workshop, as well as in the automotive industry.

Remuneration during training

The monthly remuneration during the training is staggered as follows:

  • in the first year between 350 euros and 500 euros *
  • in the second year between 400 and 540 euros *
  • in the third year between € 460 and € 610 *
  • in the last six months between 480 euros and 660 euros *.

* All amounts are gross amounts.

Future prospects of the body and vehicle construction mechanic

The body and vehicle construction mechanic works in motor vehicle, repair and body construction workshops and in car paint shops. He also finds employment in the workshop area of ​​fleet companies and forwarding agents. Vehicle and commercial vehicle manufacturers as well as vehicle outfitters or converters also need bodywork and vehicle construction mechanics.

The tasks of a body and vehicle construction mechanic in the future

The development of the automotive industry continues, but in the future there will also be new types of vehicles, which also require body and vehicle construction mechanics to repair, as well as older cars and vintage cars on the road. The actual manual activities will most likely decrease over time. Computer-controlled work will tend to take its place. However, this also requires a specialist with specific knowledge of body and vehicle construction.

Career opportunities for the body and vehicle construction mechanic

After training and a few years of professional practice, there is a chance to become a master. A foreman is responsible for management tasks in a company. Another alternative would be to set up your own business as a master craftsman.

In addition, there are further training courses for

  • Industrial foreman specializing in metal
  • Technician specializing in supply technology
  • Technician specializing in body and vehicle construction technology
  • Technician specializing in metal construction
  • Technician business administration.

Women as body and vehicle construction mechanics

In principle, women can also do this job. An important prerequisite for this is of course a passion for cars. When deciding on this profession, you as a woman should be aware that the activities require a certain amount of physical strength. And it may well be that, as a prospective bodywork and vehicle construction mechanic, you are the only woman in your vocational school class and / or at your apprenticeship in the workshop. If these facts are not an obstacle for you, then you should apply. The training courses listed above are of course also open to women.

Who trains body and vehicle construction mechanics?

Companies qualified by the associated chamber of commerce train

The competent regional chamber of crafts decides whether a company is allowed to train. In addition to certain requirements that a company must meet, a recognized trainer is required who has passed an instructor aptitude test. As a rule, this is a master of his respective subject.

Jürs - The collision specialist trains in Lübeck

We, Jürs - The Collision Specialist, train in our car paint shop and workshop in Lübeck to become body and vehicle construction mechanics. You can find out more about us as a training company on our careers page. If you have specific questions, we will be happy to answer them. Just call us at 0451- 892218 or send us an email using the contact form.