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Diverse job entry: How do I apply as a transgender?

Final spurt for Olivia W .: The student, in the penultimate master’s semester for mechatronics, has been living as a woman for several years - (still) under a male name. High time to look for a job, which raises some questions: Apply aggressively in a blouse and skirt? Or appear as a man, do a good job and only come out after the probationary period? Read here what transgender people should take to heart when looking for a job ...

Job placement - according to lived gender

The bad news first: Unemployment is particularly high among transgender people. One of the reasons: Many quit good jobs with the plan to make the transition and then apply elsewhere under a new label. But it is not uncommon to underestimate the duration of the change - problems with re-entry inevitable. If you are applying with the support of the Employment Agency, you should ask to be placed according to your gender. However, there is no entitlement to this. This is more flexible if you apply through a temporary employment agency: by arrangement, you can usually be placed in your current gender without data from your "previous life" being passed on to potential employers.

Trans man, trans woman? Handle documents

Quite a few employers are unfamiliar with diverse and transgender topics - and think more of red light than of targeted career planning. You are an expert - so you have an advantage! Help the other person by explaining why there is a name in your references, documents and certificates that suggests another gender. In any case, leave out school and work references that are no longer relevant for a specific application. Legally, you are a man (or woman or diverse) - a passage in the documents clarifies your current status. You can justify why you are diverse in your cover letter: Perhaps you simply feel better because you are more diverse and therefore more productive?

Transgender, diverse? Name change and certificate

Your VÄ / PÄ has recently been applied for? Mentioning this in your application doesn't hurt. If the change of first name or civil status takes effect, the competent authorities will rewrite your documents in the new name. From now on the prohibition of disclosure applies: Former first name and gender must no longer be recognizable. Exception: certificates, because legal certainty requires adherence to the content of a certificate. Why? Well, in the meantime - for example through certified copies - numerous copies of certificates may have come into circulation or legal transactions. If you change your name, your certificate will neither be incorrect nor void (Section 44 VwVG)! Only after gender reassignment is there a right to a replacement certificate - with a new name but the original date.

Apply without confusion of names

Take the initiative yourself to explain name discrepancies in your application - even if it is to be addressed with your real first name at work. Tip: To avoid confusion due to different first names in email addresses, cover letters and CVs or certificates, you can add a signature to your email: I am transgender - and I am happy if you address me accordingly. If you apply with a tabular curriculum vitae, you can break it down into personal data, education, work experience, other qualifications and personal interests (and here, for example, mention engagement in the divers context).

Simply apply anonymously?

Are you toying with the idea of ​​simply applying anonymously, i.e. deliberately avoiding names and photos? An approach that has already been initiated as a pilot project in various federal states. The response from the entrepreneur? No interest: Many employers saw no benefit for their own company, some had the feeling to admit that it is customary for them to discriminate against certain applicants. Siemens, on the other hand, expressly does not ask for an applicant photo, but job prospects send it anyway.

Transgender people in direct contact: job interview

Invited for an interview? Congratulation! Act as a woman (or a man) and play with open cards. Enlightened counterparts ask with a smile how you would like to be called: "Mr. (or Mrs.) is probably not an option, is it?" Unfortunately, they still belong to a minority. So take the pressure off yourself by addressing the topic diverse or transgender to break the ice. It's good if you find out in advance what the potential employer thinks about transgender people. But be careful: being right is one thing, good self-promotion is something else. Avoid the temptation to play up the transgender issue. It is better to convey as casually as possible that you take an open attitude from your future boss for granted.

Divers, Transgender: Discrimination forbidden!

It's 2018, but they're still there: bosses who joke about the masculine appearance of female applicants! In the case at hand, a HR manager was irritated by sitting across from a "man in women's clothes". The applicant complained - and lost. Because she had disguised her status in the application process, which is why the court could not identify any violation of personal rights. Which proves that in practice, the chemistry between the applicant and the HR manager should be right. Because, despite all anti-discrimination bans, certain perceived likes and dislikes ensure that even the best qualifications are brushed aside. Then you'd better move on instead of making arguments against prejudice. Save your energies to score points with the next tolerant boss. Do you feel resistance? Offer to work on a trial basis or on a temporary basis - that opens doors.

Diversity Charter - for diverse and transgender people

Electronics manufacturer Bosch is committed to shedding its image as a men's company. Bosch has its own diversity department, is open to all genders, nationalities and sexual orientations, and is represented at career fairs for transgender people. As one of over 2,600 companies and public bodies, Bosch has signed the Diversity Charter. The aim is a work environment free from prejudice. Apply now? These are your employers, your first addressees, because they allow you to stand by your personality in all its facets - out of conviction, not because you have to.

Applying as a transgender: only you have this to offer

Yes, as a transident you have to deal with problems in the workplace such as bullying and overcome fears! But also bring into the picture that as a transgender you also have opportunities to forgive: The fact that you are diverse does not change your qualifications or your decades of experience. On the contrary: Living in the same gender makes you more balanced, satisfied and therefore more resilient - a real added value for your employer! What's more, your familiarity with change processes turns out to be an important resource and unique selling point. You deserve a fair chance at work and training - good luck!

 By Björn Thomsen