How do you monetize a niche blog

Niche blog: How to market and monetize niche blogs!

Link building with a niche blog is often not as easy as with a conventional blog. But that also often depends on the niche.

If you are the only one in this area with your blog, you don't have to do too much. But if competition is emerging, this niche has to be fought over, because after all you want to be able to maintain your good position with the search engines in order to get the greatest possible traffic.

Because the more traffic you have, the better your chances of making money with your niche.

Table of Contents

Link building

Backlinks should be collected so that you can also move up in the search results. With a smaller niche, there is certainly less effort behind this than with a larger one.

High quality blogs are often linked by other blogs without prompting due to their quality. With a niche site with little content and a lot of advertising, things will look different.

Nevertheless, some important methods should be mentioned which should not primarily bring traffic, but the desired backlink.

Promote in your own blog

Niche site operators often also have several projects running. You should definitely backlink your niche here. If the topic of the blog allows it, then ideally you should also report on your niche. That ensures one or the other additional link.

Link exchange with other (niche) blogs

If the niche blog doesn't already have a page rank of 3, it will probably not be an incentive for any young blogger to link a niche blog that may still be covered with advertising.

In the best case, you will find other niche sites that can use any link. Such websites are sure to like to link.

Write comments

Posting comments on blogs can generate traffic, but much more important is the backlink, and the most important thing is to check that the link is dofollowed as well.

Entry in blog directories

Submitting your niche blog to a blog directory is usually a matter of minutes. Therefore a good variant to dust off one or the other link.

Here I would like to refer to my article “More visitors -> More traffic -> More money”, in which I listed some good blog directories.

More options

Whenever you publish an article, you should also publish it in the most popular social news portals. Perhaps there will be a good article that will be well received there and then you have also left a link.

You could also try to write a guest article on another blog. Is there perhaps a blog that deals with the subject of “swimwear” or fashion in general? If so, asking if you could write an article about the new trend “crochet swimwear” would certainly not be wrong. Anyone who is also active in some forums can also use this opportunity to leave a link in the signature.

Blog post optimization

The content of the page is very important. Many articles do not have to appear regularly, but the articles that are online have to be well and above all optimally targeted for search engines. So that search engines can work with the pages, a post should already have around 300 words, more is always better, of course.

You should also pay attention to the use of the relevant keywords in the text. A post on the crochet swimwear blog should also contain the keywords “crochet swimwear”, “swimwear”, “crochet underwear” and also more specific words such as “crochet bikini” and so on.

The title tag should contain the headline of the blog post (can be implemented in Worpdress with WPSeo) and it should be switched to permalinks (so that the headline also appears in the address). These are two very important things that Google works by.

Earning opportunities

Google Adsense

The front runner here is probably Google Adsense. A niche site is often a project where income is all that matters. So there are different ways to use Adsnese.

A definitely profitable variant is the radical Adsense installation wherever the visitor would expect content or navigation elements. Putting an ad block in the top right of the sidebar can also be pretty clever. The user can easily mistake them for navigation. 🙂

Affiliate Programs

Anyone who primarily has a niche page about products can fall back on partner programs. The Amazon partner program, which carries a large number of products, is particularly convenient here. But partner programs in particular also require a sure instinct for optimization work.

A good example here is a pilot glasses project. Most users who are looking for such aviator glasses will probably also intend to buy them. If the niche page consists almost entirely of such affiliate program ads, people quickly click on them.

More options

Adiro's text highlighting can also be a variant. Terms are highlighted and when the mouse rolls over there is a small advertising window, which brings in a few cents.

If you can look forward to higher visitor numbers, you should think about the use of layers, which is really only worthwhile with higher visitor numbers and where you usually have to say that Adsense and especially affiliate programs will be the better alternative.