How can I cancel my CoC account

delete account

I wanted to delete my account because I now have a different one, but it could only be transferred to a Google account under City Hall 4 ...
No sooner said than done, I wrote to support and after a few attempts they answered that I should specify different things ...
That was their answer:

I'm sorry to hear that you want to delete your account. Warning: after we have deleted your saved game, you cannot restore it. So if you change your mind later, you'll have to start over.

Note: If you close this account, you will not be able to create a new account. This game is saved locally on your device and cannot be overwritten.

If you want to continue we need to verify that you are the owner of the account. To do this, we need the receipt for your first purchase for this game with this account. (A screenshot of your iTunes or Google Wallet purchase history is okay too.) If you originally played on an iOS device, you can also send us an iTunes receipt with the date the game was installed. Without this information we cannot proceed.

By answering these questions, we can confirm that the account was created by you:

1. When (in which month) did you start playing with this account?
2. Where (in which city) did you create the account?
3. In which city did you last registered?
4. How many different devices do you play with? Also tell us the model names.
5. Send us the first proof of purchase for a purchase with this account.

Remember, the answers to these questions are essential for us to confirm that the account is yours. Without the requested information, we cannot deactivate your account.

After we have received your answer, we will take care of everything else and close your account.
Now someone tell me how I should find out all of this ???