Does homeowner insurance cover my tenants' belongings

The 5 most important insurances for homeowners

Fires, lightning or hailstorms can paralyze a photovoltaic system. Homeowners should take precautions in this case, otherwise there is a risk of financial losses. In principle, you can insure your photovoltaic system in two ways:

- About one Additional module in building insurance. Without this additional module, the power generators would not be protected. The advantage here: In the event of damage that affects both the house and the photovoltaic system, the claims are settled from a single source.

- The photovoltaic system gets one independent policy - regardless of the security of the house.

Insured risks in this independent photovoltaic insurance are for example

  • Fire
  • Overvoltage from lightning
  • Short circuit, overcurrent
  • Aircraft
  • tap water
  • typical natural hazards (such as storms, hail or snow pressure)

This means that in the event of damage, all parts that belong to the photovoltaic system are insured. This includes solar modules, mounting frames, fastening elements, inverters and the cabling.

In addition, homeowners can insure their system against theft, animal bites or operating errors. As a rule, it makes sense to also insure damage caused by construction, material and workmanship errors.

Homeowners should definitely consider the following for two reasons Failure of your photovoltaic system co-insure:

1. If the power generation fails for whatever reason, the owner temporarily misses the Feed-in tariffhe usually receives. The insurance pays the homeowner for the duration of the failure the money that he would have made with his system under normal circumstances. This can also be used to service current loans, for example. Another advantage: possible return forecasts for the system do not have to be thrown overboard.

2. If the photovoltaic system has failed, homeowners need Electricity from another source. The photovoltaic insurance also covers these additional costs - until the system has been repaired and your own electricity can flow again.