What is an AutoCAD grid

Grid spacing (X)

Sets the grid value to the specified value. If you are after the value x the product of the specified value and the snap interval is set as the grid spacing.


Activates the grid with the current distance.


Turns off the grid.


Sets the grid spacing to the snap interval specified by the SNAP command.


(GRIDMAJOR system variable)

Specifies the frequency of the major grid lines compared to the minor grid lines. Grid lines are displayed instead of grid points under the following conditions:

  • In AutoCAD-based products: When using any visual style except 2D Wireframe
  • AutoCAD LT: When SHADEMODE is set to Hidden

Controls the density of the grid lines when zooming in or out.

  • Adaptive behavior.Limits the density of grid lines or dots when zooming out. This setting is also controlled by the GRIDDISPLAY system variable.
  • Allow subdivision under grid spacing:If this option is activated, additional lines or points that are even closer together are created when you zoom in. The frequency of these grid lines is determined by the frequency of the main grid lines.

Displays the grid beyond the range specified in the LIMITS command.


Changes the grid plane so that it follows the XY plane of the dynamic UCS. This setting is also controlled by the GRIDDISPLAY system variable.


Changes the grid spacing to X and Y Directions that have different values.

If you're after any of the values x the value is multiplied by the snap interval and not by the drawing units.

The Aspect option is not available if the current snap style is Isometric.