Why is Siri so dumb

IQ from Alexa, Siri and the Google Assistant: Two are stupid, one is smart

When it comes to obtaining information or managing the smart home, Apple, Google and Amazon can provide excellent help with their sophisticated voice assistants based on artificial intelligence. But when it comes to saving lives? A study confirms that the three still have a lot to do, even if Google is one step ahead of the other two.

If voice assistants are to look after people or help in medicine in the future, then they have to understand exactly what the user is telling them. Unfortunately, a new study conducted by Klick Health and published in Nature Digital Medicine shows that both Siri and Alexa are constantly struggling to recognize the names of the drugs commonly available in the United States.

Klick Health is the largest marketing agency for medicine, which has been voted Agency of the Year six times in the last seven years and has won prestigious awards such as the Lions Health Awards. Apple's Siri recognized 58.5 percent of drug names and 51.2 percent of generic names. While this means Siri is able to understand either of two names, the results are not exactly impressive for software that has been around for eight years.

The same applies to Alexa: Amazon's assistant has an even lower accuracy of 54.6 percent and 45.5 percent respectively. The Google Assistant clearly outperforms the competition. It recognizes drug names correctly in 84.3 percent of cases, and brand names even in 91.8 percent of cases. That's not perfect either, but Google does a lot better than the other assistants.

This is certainly no surprise: Google's "IQ" has already prevailed against Alexa and Siri several times. However, it is better to simply ask the assistant to call the doctor.

Which language assistant do you usually use? Do you think he's wise?

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