Semi-automatic rifles should be registered

Registration of weapons in the Central Weapons Register (ZWR)

General information

in the "Central Arms Register (ZWR)" become Firearms of all categories are registered.

Which Categories of firearms are there?

  • Category A:
    Prohibited firearms (e.g. forearm bolt action shotgun - "pump gun") and war material
  • Category B:
    Handguns (revolvers, pistols), semi-automatic firearms and repeating shotguns
  • Category C:
    Rifles (rifles with at least one rifled barrel. After each shot must be reloaded manually.)
    Shotguns (rifles with exclusively smooth barrels. After each shot must be reloaded manually.)
    Deviating from this are: Forearm repeater ("Pumpgun") = category A and repeater = category B

If you are unsure about the category of a firearm, please contact a weapons dealer. Detailed information on the categories of firearms can also be found at

Competent authority

Registration of firearms

Since October 1, 2012, the acquisition or transfer of a firearm must be the Category Cregistered by the acquirer with an arms dealer. The deadline for registration is six weeks.


Already owned before October 1, 2012 Chemical weapons(Cans)had to from the owner to at the longest June 30, 2014 in the ZWRbe registered. Persons who have complied with the registration obligation late, but voluntarily and before the authority has found out about their fault, are not liable to prosecution. The arms dealer with whom the late registration is carried out is also responsible Not obliged to report to the authorities.

In the competent weapons authority (State Police Directorate or District Authority or Magistrate) can be a Complete data extract of the weapons registered in the ZWR be requested.

Weapons register certificate ONLINE

A weapons register certificate in accordance with Section 33 of the Weapons Act can be obtained by means of Citizen card / mobile phone signature from the Central Arms Register (ZWR) also onlinefree of charge applied for and issued.

The access to the function "weapon register certificate ONLINE" can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of the Interior (BMI).

In detail, these are the following information options:

  • The printout of a weapons register certificate in accordance with Section 33 of the Weapons Act
  • A list of all firearms and accessories currently registered on the enquirer
  • The (renewed) printout of registration confirmations for firearms in categories C and D, which were registered by the citizen (inquirer) themselves using the citizen card during the transition period until June 1, 2014

The "weapon register certificate ONLINE" is free and can be called up at any time, even several times. It exists no obligation to make use of this possibility. A weapons register certificate can therefore still be requested from the weapons authorities.


The citizen goes to the weapons dealer Weapons dealers, shows himself with a official photo ID and gives a Reason for the acquisition or possession of the firearm (category C) (e.g. hunting, shooting sports, collecting, self-defense, etc.).

The easiest and fastest way to register is to fill out a form with the weapon data Registration form (This is available from the weapons dealer) or the previous confirmation of registration in accordance with Section 30 of the Weapons Act for the weapons dealer Weapons dealers is taken. The firearm must in principle Not be brought to registration. However, if the category of the firearm, the manufacturer or the brand, the model or the production number is unclear, it is advisable to also take the firearm with you.

If there are no obstacles to the registration, the weapons dealer records the personal and weapon data in the ZWR and follows the registrant with a Registration confirmation out.

Required documents

  • Official identification
  • Previous confirmation of registration in accordance with Section 30 of the Weapons Act (if available)


The weapons dealers an appropriate one stands for the weapon registration Remuneration to. Please inquire with them about the costs.

Additional Information

Club weapons (These are firearms of categories C and D that are owned by an association) must in any case be registered to a natural person. In principle, the association can decide for itself which (natural) person it chooses for it. With regard to the registration of weapons, the same rules apply as for private individuals. In the event that the person to whom the club's weapons are registered is no longer available to the club (e.g. due to leaving the club), the weapons must be registered to another club member. The same applies if the responsibility for the weapons no longer lies with the person to whom they are registered. The "re-registration" to another member of the association must in any case be carried out with a weapons dealer.

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