How can I win a beauty contest

German-English dictionary

There is something going on in our existence that makes people beautiful, ourselves
[...] if your Körperdon't win a beauty pageantwüapproxen.
There is something going on in our existence which makes people
[...] beautiful, even if their bodiit would not win aty beauty contest.
[...] you can get a handsome zombie mask betweenardon't win a beauty pageant,abeAt least one has a good chance of success [...] [...]
Landing one of the front ranks in the costume contest.
[...] wouldn't be able to win a beauty contest with tHis zombie mask. On the other hand, the probabileftty of winning a halloween costume [...] [...]
handsome mask are much better.
[...] we with the Sirtrack GPS loggers fromerdon't win a beauty pageant.
Alles in Alles, we won't be able to win any beauty contests with the GPS loggers.
A photo of you with your application
[...] to be attacheden,(noS.Orge, that istno beauty pageant!), und for any [...] [...]
with me, just answer this email.
To include a photograph of yourself to yours
[...] application, (Don't worry, this is no beauty contest!), and for any further correspondence [...] [...]
please simply respond to this email.
The actress Chili Bouchier
[...] could einenBeauty contestdes Daily WedrrOrwin,welcher to a [...]
Model job and eventually acting.
The actress Chili Bouchier was frome to win a beauty contest of the Daily Mirror which [...]
got her a model job and this led to her later acting career.
The method of open coordination in relation to the
[...] pension systems istno beauty pageant.
[...] coordination on pensions is nota beauty contest.
The good example of Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark, Switzerland and
[...] [...] more countries follow, iat theitnoL.and the European Union in this shamefulchenBeauty contestin erepresented in one country [...]
is that the basic
Women's rights not respected.
I think that we should raise our voice in protest in order to encourage other states to follow the example set by Belgium, France, Spain, Denmark,
[...] [...] countriitso that no Member Sdide of the E.uropean Union is represented at this disgraceful beauty pageant in a country which [...]
has no respect for women's fundamental rights.
The OS / 2 1.1 GUI certainly would
[...] not in einemWin beauty pageant-eggn reason was [...]
maybe the one that she is having
old graphics cards like CGA was designed in the back of my mind.
[...] would certainly not win aty beauty contest - ono reason was [...]
perhaps that it was designed with old graphics cards like CGA in mind.
Although there was some evidence that pressure was being put on some of the other lenders by KEF and Hynix, and BOE not in the
[...] [...] lenders for the financingG zuwin,Gfrom esnoB.elege for the financing [...]
actually constituted a countervailable subsidy.
Although there was some evidence that pressure was exerted on to some of the other lenders by KEB and
Hynix and that BOE was not able
[...] to attract financing from independent creditors, there what no evidence that the funding [...] [...]
fact, a countervailable subsidy.
For taxes incurred on the distribution of
[...] retentionenenWinbei Subsidiaries would arise, weapproxennoR.ückpositions [...] [...]
in cases where a distribution can be expected in the foreseeable future, resp. was decided.
No provisions are made for
[...] taxes which would be incurred on the distribution of retainod profits of subsidiariit, except in [...]
cases in which a distribution
is likely to be forthcoming in the foreseeable future or has been decided upon.
Even if it's the member states
[...] is free, einenBeauty contest,ein Auction system [...]
or a mixture of both
to vote, they must comply with competition law and sector-specific telecommunications licensing legislation and state aid legislation.
So even though Member States are
[...] free to choose marriager a beauty contest, at auction [...]
system or a mixture of both, they must
still comply with competition law and the sector-specific telecommunications legislation on licensing and with the state aid rules.
This shouldn't be alsBeauty contestder Civil society [...]
between the Commission and the World Bank.
This should not be seen as
[...] a civil society beauty contest between the Commission [...]
For approval by the national
Authorities have two alternatives, namely the auction and that
[...] comparative selection processen("Beauty contest").
Auctions and beauty contests are two aaccording toernative [...]
ways for national authorities to grant authorizations.
[...] internation / AleBeauty contestfür Objects, [...]
which in the broader sense of our age and ours
Characterize society.
[...] first international beauty competition for objects, which [...]
in a broader sense are characteristic of our age and society.
But so that the festival was something else,
we decided to adopt the new concept
[...] develop and denBeauty contestim brecognized [...]
Restaurant of the recreation complex Schwarzes Schloss.
But we didn't want to repeat the program one more time, that's why
we thought of the new concept and
[...] decided to conduct beauty contest in the restaurant [...]
of the recreation complex "Black Castle".
To conclude, let me be very clear: these reforms in Bulgaria and Romania do not have to be carried out in order to beimBeauty contestvOr Commissioner Rehn or before the European Union, but these reforms are necessary so that people live in countries where there is legal certainty and stable democratic institutions serve the interests of the local people.
Let me conclude by saying one thing, namely that the reason why these reforms have to be carried out in Bulgaria and Romania is not in order that these countries might pass muster in the eyes of Commissioner Rehn or of the European Union; on the contrary, they are necessary in order that their peoples may live in countries in which they may be certain of the laws protection, with their interests served by stable and democratic institutions.
Long before the first event started, one
[...] talent show and einemBeauty contest,drang from the [...]
Comedor, the dining room, loud music.
Long before the beginning of the first
[...] event, a talent show other beauty pageant, loud music [...]
could be heard from the comedor, the dining hall.
For people who work in established pharmaceutical companies that increase their company value not only through strong technology and product pipelines, but above all a very short-term one
financial standing in
[...] sales undWinrechhave to manufacture was diesnoÜbhesurprise, [...] [...]
remembered the unjustified stock exchange prices of some "biotechnology dreams" from the years of the "boom" in 2000/2001, which were not justified compared to "traditional" companies.
For people working in established pharmaceutical companies, which have to justify their value not only through strong technology and development pipelines, but more importantly continuous
[...] [...] financial performancece in sales and profits this development might not have been [...]a surprise, especially after having
observed the unreasonably high and - compared to "traditional" companies - not justified valuations of some biotech "dreams" in the years of the "hype" in 2000/2001.