75k is a good salary in Adelaide

Sydney - also possible for normal wage earners?

  • Hello,

    so, after surfing around on various Realestate websites, I now have a question ...
    I am currently living in Brisbane, but there may be a career change next year, possibly in Sydney. Yes, I know, Brisbane's rents are a lot cheaper and Sydney is in a completely different league - but I wonder how "average people" with an average Australian salary (65-75k per year) get on in Sydney lasts?

    I'm not moving in the + 100k pay grade and I'm seriously wondering if I could even afford life in Sydney. If I now assume a salary of +/- 70k, alone, i.e. no second income from a partner and no extravagant wishes. A 1 bedroom apartment would be enough for me (if necessary a studio, if it is not the size of a broom closet), reasonably reasonable connection to the CBD and not necessarily in the worst area ... I actually have to plan at least 400 dollars a week in rent , sometimes even $ 500-600 for a reasonably usable apartment - or was I just looking in the wrong place ???

    I know Sydney is more expensive than Brisbane - but I don't necessarily want to live hand to mouth either - how do other people living alone manage that? Housesharing?
    I would really be interested - and a realistic assessment of whether I would be able to cope with the above salary ...

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    Hey, I think with 300 a week you don't have anything special in Brisbane either !!

    Micha ...
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    Favorable transport links AND affordable rent. Forget it.

    A studio or a bedroom for $ 300 or $ 350 can already be found, but not either in a great location and about to collapse or just at the bottom of the world.

    There are nice studio apartments in the price range around Broadway. Relatively nice, but not huge, but great location.

    How about flat shares ???

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  • So, I think with an annual salary of around $ 70,000 you should be able to cope on your own (without children, don't you?).
    and in the centrally located (and in our eyes the best area of ​​sydney's: D) lower north shore there are good 1-bedroom apartments for around $ 350 a week. from there, dozens of buses go into the city every minute - or you can get into the city by ferry

    The problem is not the offer, but that there are countless applicants for a good apartment and you have to be very lucky, have good tactics and know how the agencies work.

    Some agencies, for example, take a deposit from one (the fastest!) applicant, ie this applicant is considered first, and only when something speaks against this applicant does the next application come into consideration. It is advisable to bring the application ready to go with you to the inspection (maybe even to get a private inspection, always ask for it!), then if you want the apartment, you are with the fastest and the chances are better, to rent the apartment.

    other agencies, however, work without deposits and leave the choice of tenants entirely to the landlord, who in turn has his own ideas (e.g. no children, no pets, etc.)

    looking for an apartment in sydney can be really crazy - good luck!
    (but once you've found and got something pretty, it's all the more beautiful in sydney!)
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    Almost everyone I know here cannot afford it. Many are moving away.

    Others are so madly locked in the hamster wheel in order to earn the costs that they do not even think about it because of the breathlessness. how they allow themselves to be enslaved.

    The fact that 4 million people actually endure something like this here is always unbelievable.
  • Original by Jessie

    However, I think Perth is MUCH more expensive than Sydney.

    Of course, perth is also because of the ar # @ h of the world.
    By the time something arrives, it will be over somewhere else
  • As an all-earner it is a bit more difficult everywhere, not only in Sydney. I also have to say that I think Perth is more expensive, I wrote something about that in another thread.

    Sure, renting as a single is the most important thing, but with a lot of arithmetic I am sure that physogirl will also find something nice and affordable, she doesn't have any high demands either.
    That's why I would already say the 70,000 Aud in SYD is long.

    Aussie don't like to talk about their earnings, but I know many who don't even earn 70,000 Aud even though they have been working for a long time, not everyone is in the IT industry or mining and earns 150K + pa.

    And Guenter, that many cannot afford it, has to do with the fact that many Aussies simply live beyond their means
    Something is bought spontaneously and next week is the new one, 60-100 dollars only for alcohol and cigarettes per household are not uncommon.
    But of course, everything is nice on credit card ... then they pay stupidly and dappily in interest and don't even complain about that
    a short vacation can go ... yes yes tough life! Sure, they don't even notice that just the interest they have to pay off could easily jump out a few days of vacation in Bali.

    Now, before I get one on the lid, I want to say that of course not all Aussies live like that, and not every Aussie is a pis * h * ed.
  • First of all thanks for your answers. Hmm, there is still some water flowing down the river before such a step would be ready to be taken, but I'll think twice about it.

    Sure, financially I would be better off in Brisbane, because I get more for my dollar. In my line of business (health care) the salary doesn't fluctuate that much in different cities, i.e. I wouldn't necessarily earn more in Sydney than in Brisbane. On the other hand, there are other considerations than just the coal. I find Sydney or Melbourne, for example, much more stimulating than Brisbane However, a great city is of course of no use if you can barely afford life there ...

    Flat shares would be an alternative, but at my age I'm slowly feeling the need to have my own realm. I also share a great townhouse in the middle of Red Hill with a work colleague - but after having had your own apartment for years, I find it hard to compromise again ... or I just get quirkier with age
    But that's right, as a couple you can afford houses / apartments that could hardly be financed alone - definitely one of the major disadvantages of being single

    Thanks again for your input!

    LG Melanie
  • well, what should families say with 1-4 children who have only had one salary for years? must go somehow ...
  • So I found Sydney extremely expensive and we kept wondering how the normal "Sydneysiders" can do it. We lived in a flat share in Manly, but the rents there are easily $ 700.
    I am still wondering how many Aussies can afford to live in Sydney, to sit in the cafes on weekdays and especially on Saturdays and Sundays and spend a lot on breakfast etc ... there are not only top earners .

    We would also like to go back, but only if the salary is right. I think for two there should be a total of 100K + on the income side ...
  • It's all nonsense with $ 100k for two ... I think even if you can make a few compromises you can get along well for +/- 70K ...

    we have here together if it comes up maybe $ 65K per year for two! we live close to the train (4 min by foot, approx. 40 min to the CBD) and pay for a relatively cozy 1 bedroom (2 room apartment) with secure parking and a small garden $ 370 / week ....

    but if you have to live on the beach it is of course more expensive! I would also like to live on the beach but if that doesn't work financially ... you also have to learn to be able to make compromises and look around strategically for an apartment ... I am in the cbd in 30-40 minutes, 30 minutes to the university ( Macquarie) and by car in 30 minutes in Narrabeen on the beach ... enough for me ...

    and we live relatively comfortably with eating out twice a week and otherwise don't turn every penny ... I also don't understand why breakfast is so expensive here .... but those who sit in the cafe on the weekend may also cook for the week at home ... save money even if you take lunch with you to work and don't spend $ 10-15 for lunch every day ...

    so i don't think it's that bad somehow ... but as i said i don't have to live in the hotspots manly or bondi ...
  • It all reads quite normally.
    You also pay $ 370 a week in central qld, on the a # @ sh of the world.
    And if you want to live on the coast then the prices go up too.
    And that's right, if you have to live in chic, you should bleed for it too

    So no difference to CQ, thanks to the mines here.
    Unfortunately, e.g. Teachers or policemen can no longer afford these rents and move away.