Will China ever part

China: between tradition and modernity

The Chinese are a people whose lifestyles conservatism and innovation are so closely intertwined that it may be impossible to separate them. That is why there are more paradoxes per square centimeter in China than anywhere else in the world.

China is the country with the largest population. China's population has grown by almost 12 percent in the past 10 years and amounted to 1 billion 295 million 330,000 people. Xianggang (Hong Kong) and Macau (a special administrative region where you can not only visit Casimba online casinos, but also land-based casinos) have 7.2 million inhabitants, Taiwan - 22.28. It turns out that since the last census, the number of Chinese people has increased by 5.83 million. The Chinese authorities are forced to have strict demographic policies. It got to the point that the families who live in the city can only have one child and the families who live in the village - two, and even then only if the first child is a girl.

The Chinese are not only the most numerous, but perhaps also the cleanest people in the world: washing is one of their favorite pastimes (the second is cooking). They wash their hands thoroughly not only before but also after eating. Before the Chinese eat vegetables or fruits, they fry them in boiling sunflower oil. The only exception is tomatoes. In China they are eaten raw but with sugar. And the dirt from apples and pears has always been cleaned there along with the peel. All of these are basic precautionary measures due to the laws of the local climate. In hot conditions and 100% humidity, infections multiply like in an incubator. To protect the food from viruses and bacteria, the Chinese pour a large amount of spices into it, which are a wonderful antiseptic.

To continue the food theme, it must be said that many tourists believe that the people of China eat everything that has ever been or can become alive. There are no bad dishes, there are bad cooks who don't know how to cook everything. It is also interesting that even in the most fashionable stores it is sometimes impossible to buy sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese and other dairy products. And yogurt has become a delicacy for progressive youth.

As for tradition, there is not a single portrait in traditional Chinese painting. In China it was believed that when a person sleeps, his soul roams the vastness of the universe. And in the morning he returns to the owner. And when his portrait lies next to the sleeping original, the soul can confuse it.

In ancient China, it was considered the culmination of indecency to draw from life. The artist was even forced to paint from memory. At the same time, it was imperative to leave an empty space for the audience's imagination.

The art of calligraphy migrated to us from China. After all, whoever has seen the hieroglyph understands that it is not so easy to draw.

Like artists, Chinese poets very rarely presented their work to the public as it was viewed as a very intimate area of ‚Äč‚Äčlife. As a result, collected works were extremely rare in her life.

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