Why does Nigel Farage hate Europe

Brexit pioneer Nigel Farage withdraws from politics

London - The Brexit fighter and EU opponent Nigel Farage is withdrawing from politics according to his own statements. The 56-year-old told the Telegraph podcast "Chopper's Politics" that he was chairing his party Reform UK. "There's no going back," said Farage. "The Brexit is done, that will not be taken back."

This time final withdrawal

The former head of UKIP (UK Independence Party) is seen as the driving force behind Britain's exit from the EU and one of the most influential British politicians in recent years. "I know I came back a time or two when people thought I was gone," Farage said. "But that's it. It's over. It's over." The former member of the European Parliament announced his withdrawal following the 2016 Brexit referendum, but founded the Brexit Party in 2019.

Brexit as a life's work

Only a few months later, the party became the strongest force in the elections to the EU Parliament in Great Britain. This increased the pressure on the conservative government to take a tough course in the Brexit negotiations. Farage kept sounding the alarm whenever he feared that Brexit might not be tough enough. He regards leaving the EU as his life's work. At the turn of the year, Great Britain finally left the internal market and the customs union. (APA, 7.3.2021)