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Fence systems

Fence systems are generally used to demarcate an outdoor area. Fences are the basis for good perimeter protection. A good fence makes it difficult or even impossible for unauthorized persons to gain access. Fences come in many shapes and sizes. Some fence systems primarily have the function of visibly delimiting a plot of land. In addition, fences can have additional properties to deter potential intruders. With our extensive range of Heras fence systems, fences and entrance gates, we offer companies, businesses, authorities and (sports) clubs a suitable perimeter protection solution for every specific situation.

Fence systems for all applications

Depending on your situation, choose the Heras fence system that best suits your security needs. With a low fence you visually shield off an area. Low fences are mainly seen as demarcation, marking or protection against unwanted parking. Is a standard fence too little optically for you? To protect your privacy on your own property, Heras also offers you an opaque and secure privacy fence.

Our fence systems not only secure an area - Heras noise barriers are very effective in reducing and absorbing noise. Extensive documentation safeguards this property and proves that Heras noise barriers reliably reduce noise and absorb sound.

If your goal is to secure access to your property, then choose a high Heras fence with well-secured gates. The extensive Heras fence system program includes the following solutions:

Almost all of these fencing solutions are available in different heights, designs, colors and price ranges. We hold everything for you in one hand, that is efficient and guarantees you the usual Heras quality.

Perimeter protection of outdoor facilities: more than just fencing systems

Fence systems are the basis for good security outdoors, but Heras offers much more. We develop and plan holistic security solutions for the protection of buildings and properties. We fully integrate the fencing into the overall concept of external security.

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