Should I try minimalism?

Why living a more minimalist life pays off (and how to get started)

Hello Katrin, Hello Daniel,
I listened to the episode while cycling and running and often thought back to how minimalism started for me.

When I became vegan in 2009 I read many bios by Gandhi, Socrates and Martin Luther King and I still hear the quote from Socrates "How numerous are the things that I do not need." At that time I didn't have much in my shared room except a desk and a cupboard. I slept on a sleeping mat, with a decker and a blanket to cover. Later I lived as a coach nomad in Berlin for almost a year until I moved in with my girlfriend and we have shared a room to live for more than 6 years. First a room in a large shared apartment, then a one-room apartment and now a one-room house (but with trees and sea on the doorstep). If you want to know more about it, you can read my article [link removed, as the page is no longer available] or come and visit us. 😉

For me, minimalism means: simplify as much as possible, because less is often more. This principle is reflected in all areas of my life. In training, it shows that I wear the most minimal of shoes for running. With them, the sole is no more than half a centimeter thick and the shoe can be rolled up completely. I also limit myself to squats, push-ups, pull-ups, and static positions. Everything possible without expensive equipment. When it comes to food, I often just eat very simply. For example, a single meal made from one type of fruit, or the vegetables first, then the carbohydrates and finally the fat. Of course there is also a smoothie or a stew, but I keep noticing it. The simpler the better.

You mentioned books and clothes many times. I actually gave a lot of my things away and moved a few to my parents. In the meantime I only buy books as ebooks. This way I save paper and always have my library with me. In addition, I can quickly search for a term or copy entire sections of text for notes.

I would also like to give you and the other readers a few book tips on the way:
1. Peace Pilgrim (available as a free paperback or downloaded from the Internet) -
2. Zen to Done free of charge in German
3. Code of the Extra Ordinary Mind by Vishen Laikani (That changed my thinking again forever)

For me, minimalism, along with a healthy diet and exercise, is an important cornerstone of a fulfilled life. I have put together more tips in my free ebook. I hope it's okay that I link it here.

[Link removed, as the page can no longer be reached]

I hope I was able to enrich your contribution with my experience and my tips. I am happy that you are also on your way.

Best regards,