Is Cristiano Ronaldo Muslim

Ronaldo Interview: Statements about Paris and Islam turn out to be a duck

The top Portuguese footballer under contract with Real Madrid Cristiano Ronaldo is currently making his own experiences with the prankster, attributed to ex-US President Abraham Lincoln, that it would be difficult to verify the authenticity of quotes from the Internet.

According to the football magazine Le Competiteur, Ronaldo is said to have spoken out against Islamophobia in a television interview with a Portuguese broadcaster. An excerpt from an interview conducted in Portuguese was provided with Turkish subtitles on the Turkish news platform Son Dakika, and numerous Turkish news portals then took over the presentation of the platform.

According to reports, the three-time world footballer of the year described the terrorist attack on the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo as a failure in the interview Paris with the Islam to bring in context.

“That is not Islam,” Ronaldo is also said to have said according to Le Competiteur. “That's not what I was taught. God never called to kill those who offend the prophet. These people do not represent anyone, nor do they represent the Muslims. Especially since one of the victims was a police officer who was a Muslim. Isn't it the worst of all sins to kill your brother? ”However, Le Competiteur did not give a tangible source or date of the alleged utterance.

It is not correct to ascribe the attack on the magazine or terrorism in general to a religion, according to Ronaldo Son Dakika, who has already been reported on several times, that he had also converted to Islam himself, although this has not yet been done by the soccer star himself has been confirmed. In fact, Cristiano Ronaldo has already spoken out in public about Islam in a very respectful way several times.

Cumhuriyet has removed its report on statements made by Ronaldo

"Terrorist attacks are not exclusively committed by Muslims," ​​Ronaldo is said to have said in the interview mentioned by Son Dakika, the exact source of which, however, was also not named. “All inhuman acts that are to be regretted in the world must be viewed in the same way and not separated from one another. Religion and culture are sacred things that should not be associated with such cruel acts or even made responsible for them. "

Cumhuriyet, who had also reported on the statements over the weekend, told DTJ that it was a wrong translation that had been passed on to the DHA news agency and thus spread.

The newspaper would have taken the report off the network for this reason.

In fact, in the excerpt, Ronaldo does not talk about the attack or its connection with Islam or the Muslims. He talks about his experiences in England and Spain and his motivation for learning English.