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Professional accountability of a company EA INFOTECH, UAB

Professional Accountability of a Company Buy EA INFOTECH, UAB (302577306)

Do not take any risks! You can assess the creditworthiness of the company you are interested in in just a few minutes. You can order a careful report of your creditworthiness here now and receive it right away! The account will only be in English filed.
The account includes:
  • Company credit ratings;
  • Company directors, shareholders, stakeholders, contact details;
  • late current and past payments to credit bureau parties;
  • financial indicators;
  • Information about courts, arrests in rem;
  • Vehicle fleet and its value;
  • Monitoring the mention of the company in the media and statistical information;
  • other information.

By pressing just a few buttons you can get detailed information about the status of customers or business partners - this helps you to avoid legal transactions with subjects with a high creditworthiness and insolvency risk, as well as possible losses. The creditworthiness account presents an econometric assessment of late payment and bankruptcy, which shows the likelihood that the company will make payments with a delay of 90 days or become insolvent. The forecast is presented for a period of 12 months. This helps in assessing the health of the business partner not only in the present moment, but also in the near future.

Creditinfo Lietuva, the credit bureau belonging to the international group “Creditinfo Group”, provides information on the creditworthiness of the companies and helps financial institutions to make well-founded decisions about lending and to comply with the principles of responsible lending.