What would happen if the food was free

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Hello Ina, you are right. You should do your research beforehand if you are writing something publicly. But this is especially true for you - although you make it easy for yourself and write anonymously here - so criticize yourself but hide. Because it has been proven that to achieve the same calorific value for physical work you have to eat three times as many vegetables as if you were meat. The average calorie requirement of a working man is around 2,400 kcal a day, women need around 2,000 kcal. Someone who works hard physically needs around 4,000 kcal a day. 80% of the people on this earth work hard physically. Research has shown that advancement in human development always occurred when humans ate meat. Whenever they focused on grain they became weak and poor in performance. If you sit in the office all day, you may get by on 1,000 kcal and cover this “purely” with vegetables. However, 80% of humanity cannot do this because they have to work hard physically. You need more. Even if these people wanted to and wanted to cover their needs with vegetables, that would not be possible. Because you couldn't get these quantities. Firstly, there is not that much cultivation area on earth and secondly, these vegetables would have to be transported around half the globe. Vegetables break very quickly. Meat, on the other hand, can be transported and stored for a long time. If you were to store and transport the tons of vegetables that you should alternatively eat in cold stores, vegetables would be three times as expensive as meat. Why have people like Justus von Liebig or Alexander von Humboldt dealt with agricultural chemistry for hundreds of years and helped create today's structures, if you know better? Both had the goal of providing as many people as possible with enough food that they would not die of hunger and still be able to do their work in a healthy way. This resulted in the model with a full mixing cost. Vegetables and meat. The cultivation of feed for meat takes place at a different time than the consumption of the meat. Everyone knows that an animal has to grow for a few years before it can be eaten. This means that the energy is supplied and stored over the years. So that people can then eat this amount of energy. Vegetables have to be eaten when they are ripe and cannot accumulate their energy value. Or do you want to eat three-year-old vegetables from the freezer? This is why meat is so necessary to nutrition. People who believe that it is possible to change everyone's diet in this way, they simply cannot do math.