Arnold Schwarzenegger was an effective governor

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Governor's salary was "small change"

Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger returned his governor salary because he didn't need to.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (65) preferred to use his salary as governor for other purposes.

For the action hero ('Terminator'), who served as the political leader of California for seven years, the equivalent of 140,000 euros a year was just "change": "I did it because California was in crisis. California and America have everything to me Everything I have achieved in my life I owe America. That's why I wanted to sacrifice seven years of my life and serve the people of California, no matter what the salary, "the actor told Cover Media:" Me returned the money, it was $ 187,000, it was change. I would have done it for free, it was an honor for me to do the job ... It was an honor to serve the people and it was that Most instructive thing I've ever done. "

Now Arnold Schwarzenegger is back on screen - in 'Last Stand' he plays a sheriff who wants to prevent a gangster from escaping across the border to Mexico. For the native Austrian it was clear that he would be in front of the camera again. "Think of it more like an acting career. I took a seven year hiatus and worked as governor and then went back. There was never a debate about whether I was going back to acting or going back to action films. Because I have from the beginning made it clear that I didn't want to have a career as a politician. It wasn't that I wanted to be governor and then run for the Senate and then run for Congress - that was never my interest, "Arnold Schwarzenegger made clear .