Why is my secretary wearing tight skirts

I am a horny secretary

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Unfortunately not from me but cool

The author is unknown to me

I'm a horny secretary (Carina)

My hunger for sex is best satisfied in the office. I really get my money's worth there when I see the greedy eyes of my colleagues after I've really heated them up. I know exactly what the boys want to see - and that's exactly what they get to see.

They like my short skirts best because they show off my long legs.

And then of course the guys want to see my bra in the blouse, so I make sure that my blouses are always a bit transparent. From the reactions I realized that black bras are the best and my lingerie collection has a lot of black lace bras. I need more supplies all the time because all too often these cute things are torn down from me when someone is really keen on me. I love it when my bra and panties are literally ripped off my body because someone can't wait to put their thing in and fuck me through.

When I introduced myself to the office at the time, I liked my colleagues very much and the other secretaries looked so sexy that I could imagine what was going on here.

The girls were walking around the office dressed so provocatively that it was only a matter of time before one of the colleagues got so hot that he went to a secretary's laundry. Here I fit in wonderfully - I saw myself lying on my boss's desk with my legs wide apart and at least four colleagues with erect tails in front of it, all eagerly waiting to fuck me. My panties were already tingling when I noticed my boss constantly looking at my legs. When I gave him a deep look under my skirt - I was promptly hired.

On the first day in the new office, I immediately saw my suspicion confirmed.

Already at ten in the morning one of my new colleagues came out of our boss's office with a flushed face and somewhat disheveled hair. That could only mean one thing: she had just been fucked - and that early in the morning. Man, was that cool here - I fit in here exactly.

Yvonne - that was the name of this colleague, just grinned at me and immediately disappeared to get ready again. Her skirt had risen quite a bit and in the blouse I could see the bra still open.

When she left our office, she suddenly waved to me cheekily with her panties, which she had just thrown over her shoulder. My pussy was suddenly soaking wet when I imagined this babe had been banged nicely five minutes ago.

When I got home that day, I immediately threw myself on the couch and let my hands disappear into my panties. Still in full office clothes, I lay there and jerked off as if obsessed with my fingers. My clit was almost glowing - so I rubbed around.

I dreamed of my colleagues and imagined their tails. In my imagination I was sucking on several at the same time and saw the other guys wanking me with their huge bats. I imagined Yvonne lying on the desk in front of my boss and he penetrating her with his huge thing. Hopefully something like that would happen to me soon too, I hoped.

When I came back to my favorite dream - at least 5 men were standing in front of me and jerking their juice in my face - then it came to me: I stopped rubbing, left my pussy alone and enjoyed my orgasm. Man, how horny I was that evening! I was curious to see when my colleagues would really take care of me - I hoped quickly!

In the next few days I pulled out all the stops in my seduction skills. My skirts were so short that you could see the beginnings of my stockings and I could clearly see the effect from the lustful looks on the stairs. Everyone who followed me squinted under my skirt and I felt the tails grow literally.

I wore a dark blue costume with a white blouse, in which you could see my boobs beautifully, how they were bedded in my dark blue half-cup bra. My breasts even bulged out a bit and when I walked they literally bounced - which was clearly visible through the blouse. Yvonne expressed her appreciation and emphasized: 'With this outfit you fit perfectly into this office - it won't be long before it's your turn!' - And I didn't want anything else!

During my evening wanking, I was always horny at the idea of ​​how my colleagues looked after me with a hard-on in their pants. Surely one or the other was lying around like me and jerking what the bar gave while they fucked me in their imagination.

When I imagined that some of the colleagues in the office had jerked off after they had fucked up on me, I was shaken by a wonderful orgasm - I felt better than it had been in a long time. With light stroking on my clitoris I delayed this moment for a long time and enjoyed the orgasm to the fullest.

Then one afternoon the time had come. On the way back from the canteen, a colleague stared again so greedily under my skirt as I walked in front of him that this time I just wanted to know. When he had disappeared into his office, I stormed in a short time later without knocking and saw exactly what I had suspected: the guy was sitting behind his desk and shook himself.

He had a huge cock in his hand and was busy jerking it off.

It was a picture for the gods, I just love jerking men, their long big cocks and the hot expressions on their faces while they shake. When he saw me, he stopped wanking briefly, but then it went on violently. The guy was so horny that he just couldn't stop.

So I got in full too.

I slowly pushed up my skirt and showed him my little tight sexy panties. Now he could finally look at the goal of his desire - he had been imagining it all the time when he had devoured me with his eyes on the stairs.

Very slowly I then pulled my panties down and let my soaking wet pussy come to light. The guy almost freaked out and I saw the tip of his tail already shining nicely - the first drops were already pouring.

But now it was time for me, because I really wanted to have my first office fuck today - and here I wanted to snap before it was too late and his juice was already splashing towards me

I stormed behind his desk and straddled him and ran his thing into my slippery pussy. I had to use all my might to tear his hand away from his stand because the boy was jerking around with it obsessively. But now I slowly sat down on him and his dreamlike cock disappeared deep and deeper into me. Now I was so horny that I had to take what I was entitled to as an office chick: my daily ration of sperm.

So I rode off - always up and down - and this great latte rubbed me in the utmost excitement. To go one better, I opened button by button on my blouse. The boy should now take a look at my bouncing boobs, how they bounced out of my bra on this ride

When he saw my lovely bra and the wobbling balls in it - it was all over him. He rolled his eyes and then he pumped his load into me.

Like a cannon, the tip of his tail exploded inside me and one shot after the other slammed into me. He squirted his cream into my pussy by the liter while I just kept riding and with this movement squeezed out the last drop. In beautiful synchronism we rode on and both enjoyed our orgasm. It was also the most beautiful thing for me - ants were probably crawling around in my pussy.

It was wonderful to feel how the guy emptied his cannon into me.

In the evening with my daily wanking, I dreamed the whole scene again. When I got home, I immediately threw myself on the couch in clothes, spread my legs wide and let my right hand disappear completely into my panties. While my fingers were now busy rubbing the clitoris, I once again enjoyed the ride in the office. I jerk off every evening when I'm not expecting a guy or when I'm not going to the disco.

And that day I had a nice experience 'wanking through' again - which I now did extensively.

From now on I always wore nice, sexy clothes in the office. Usually a dark blue costume with a white blouse. The skirt was of course quite short and sometimes you could even see my full length stockings. I mostly wore hold-ups because they made it easier to access my pussy - better than with tights - and that was of course more important in the office.

My blouse was always a bit see-through because most men love it when they can see the bra underneath.

My bras are usually dark in color, blue or black, so that they are clearly visible under the blouse. I love lace bras that are a bit open at the top so that you can see the boobs nicely. I prefer to have bras with front closure. I want to look men in the eye when they unpack my boobs.

I prefer it when my studs open the bra only when riding. When I bounce around on their stiff tails, my breasts always shake so beautifully. And when the bra is opened at the front, the balls jump out cheekily and the guys can get excited about it.

After a while Yvonne spoke to me: “Well, Carina, you fit pretty well into this office. You've already turned on all your colleagues with your hot clothes.

Some are already so keen on you that they could eat you on the spot. "

"How do you know that?" I asked.

“Well because my colleagues have already spoken to me. Even when they're banging me, they're telling about you. The guys are particularly fond of your short skirts and your long legs. One of them recently said he wanted you banged before the end of this month.

He also confessed to me that he had jerked off in his office several times during the day because he saw your little panties once when he was walking up the stairs behind you. No wonder with your short skirts, Carina, right? "

Yvonne was right. “You don't think I'm dying to let my colleagues bang me through here. When I cum at home in the evening, I don't dream of anything else, ”I confessed to Yvonne.

“Hey Carina”, Yvonne interrupted me, “do you like jerking off as much as I do? That's great - then we could do it together.

I have a large collection of vibrators and with my nimble fingers I rub myself a nice orgasm at least once a day.

“Basically I would like to do it with you, but I'm keen on my colleagues for now, I can still jerk off later. Come on, tell me, what good are our colleagues here in the office? Do they have nice tails? ”I wanted to know.

"I do. I think the guys here are always horny. And her hobby is fucking secretaries.

There is always someone with a hard on in his pants and when all the secretaries are 'occupied', they jerk off. "

"Do some people watch while a secretary is being banged?"

"Hey Carina - you are one to me. You like that, don't you? Man, you fit in here wonderfully. Of course there are also spectators banging. Some colleagues here just want to jerk off and shake themselves until they squirt.

Do you like viewers who jerk off? "

I confessed how much I love to watch men jerk off. I love to turn the guys on until they can't help but get their cock out and just start jerking off. “I've dreamed of it before,” I confessed to Yvonne, “to let myself be jerked off by a whole pack of horny boys. I'm half-naked on a table and all the guys around me jerk off what the slats give.

And in the end they all have to squirt their juice all over me. Oh what would that be cool "- I really raved about it ...

“I've already thought about something like that and I think it could be arranged just like that when another conference is held here. Then the representatives from the other branches come together here and then the party takes place in the evening until you drop - in bed, of course. Last time there was a mass bang with the goal of every department head banging every secretary.

That was wonderful, I had over twenty different cocks in one night. Would you like something like that too, Carina? ”Yvonne wanted to know.

"My pussy is soaking wet right now - that's answer enough, isn't it?" I was really hot with these hot prospects that Yvonne had just opened up to me here.

“But now, very slowly, Carina. You have to earn your spurs here first and assert yourself against the other secretaries.

Everyone here only wants one thing: to fuck and be banged. I think you have to turn on the boss a bit first. Only when he has really fucked you, then colleagues are allowed to come up to you. And then you can also consider your pack wanking.

So now it was the boss's turn.

One morning I went to his office just before him and lay down on his desk with my legs apart. Of course I had no panties on and the skirt had come up very far. When he got into the office he was amazed. But I think he was keen on me from the start and was no longer so surprised.

As always, he sat down on his desk chair and I put my legs on the armrests to the right and left of him. Now he had my pussy right in front of him and I let my index finger disappear into my pussy. He obviously liked that because he leaned back in his chair and finally undid his pants. When his thing was in the open, he laid hands on himself and cheered himself up quickly.

I was amazed at what a huge thing he was shaking - really great. 'He's not shaking his for the first time either,' I thought to myself, 'I'm sure he jerks off often at home and lets the juice run down his hands.' '

He looked spellbound at my pussy and how I rubbed it with nimble fingers. So far not a word had been said between us, we just jerked off each other. When my pussy was really soaking wet and his bar was like a mast, I just pointed with my index finger at my column and looked at him cool.

He understood immediately, got up and stood between my wide spread legs. Man, what did he have a huge tail, he stood erect in front of him and his tip glistened greedily at me. My pelvis started twitching almost by itself and moved closer to him. I was now the horniness itself, my pussy was crazy about such a thing, I wanted nothing more than just to be banged really hard, hopefully he would start soon.

And then we started. At first I only felt a gentle touch on my pussy and then my column opened to accommodate him. I cheered really loud when first the top and then the whole mast penetrated me. Purely as far as it will go and immediately back again, but only to hit hard again.

I met him willingly with my pelvis and we fell into a nice synchronism - always in and out he drove with his pleasure dispenser - and I just flowed along. My boss was really a horny guy.

Now he pushed my skirt all the way up and grabbed my bottom with both hands. And then he really accelerated. At a mad pace he gave me my first wonderful orgasm.

With the tip of his tail he massaged my cunt so intensely that I almost screamed with pleasure - but I had to control myself here in the office. He rubbed every inch of my pussy with his mighty stick and I let myself fall into the orgasm ...

When I came to, I felt that he was touching my blouse. Without stopping to fuck, he unbuttoned my blouse and looked at the bobbing bra with the bouncing boobs in it. My breasts almost bounced out of my bra with his powerful thrusts.

I had the impression that that was exactly his intention, because suddenly he hit even harder and my boobs rocked strongly. They jumped higher and higher and suddenly a breast slipped out of the top of the bra. Now he had something to see. With an insanely horny look he followed my boobs rocking wildly - the other breast had now also made itself independent and wiggled excitedly in front of him.

Then he grabbed it with both hands.

Instantly my boobs stood still in his hands and he rocked them gently back and forth. His tail movements were just as gentle now. He slowly pushed it in and out of me, still firmly gripping my breasts. When I opened my eyes I saw his crazy cool face.

That could only mean one thing: my boss wanted to cum.

At the same moment he pulled his huge mast back out of my pussy and sprang up he jumped out. I looked down and looked straight at its shiny tip. I could hardly believe my eyes: at that moment his little crack at the tip of his tail opened and a white beam shot out. Before I knew it, the first jet hit my breasts, I felt the hot drops even on my buds.

But then the second shot came, even more powerful than the first, this time the sperm landed in my face - even in my hair. Man, did my boss put pressure on it, it kept bubbling and my dark blue skirt also got a few splatters. His juice landed all over the desk and I followed every single shot pumped out - I had rarely gotten that much cum. But I love squirting men and when the juice runs down everywhere I am really satisfied.

I jumped off the desk and walked out of the executive office as I was with an open blouse and a splattered skirt.

In the anteroom I found Yvonne grinning all over her face, who looked me up and down and remarked a little jealously: “Hey Carina, you've been banged through, haven't you? As I can see, he really splashed you all over the place. I already said he was crazy about you. And - doesn't he have a divine tail? "

"And whether ! I'm totally thrilled, I've rarely had such a giant in me. I got my money's worth there.

The guy can have me anytime. Does he fuck you so well, Yvonne? ”I wanted to know.

“Of course, I insist on that too! So a little tip, Carina. If you are called in to him, then take off your panties right away. That is superfluous anyway.

If he reaches under your skirt and sees your pussy straight away, he will immediately be hot and insanely horny. Most of the time he will nibble you on the spot while standing. Just try it out! "

"Thanks for the tip. I will of course try that at the next opportunity.

Man - is that cool here in your office! “, I was happy.

I noticed shortly afterwards what kind of horny guys were walking around in the office, when I was standing in front of the copier. Suddenly a colleague approached from behind and put his hands full in front of my breasts. Before I could say "Hey what's that supposed to be", one of his hands had disappeared between the buttons in the front of the blouse and was stroking my bra. At the same time I felt his hard part as he pressed against me from behind.

That was the end of it for me - I let him have it.

First he played around on the front of my bra and gently felt my two half-shells with their bulging contents. With both hands he was now in my blouse and gently stroked my two sweet fruits. I was sure he would pick them soon - hopefully soon, because I was a little starved for good sex. I hadn't had a cock in my mouth for a few days and I urgently needed a load of fresh sperm on my face.

With my buttocks I pressed myself against my colleague and massaged him a little bit the hard part in his pants.

It was nice and hard and big and I was looking forward to blowing it. From caressing my breasts, my buds got really hard and the guy should actually already feel them through the bra. When I was horny I always had big hard nipples and the best treatment for that was either the tender fingers of my fucking partner or even better a nimble tongue with sucking lips. And now finally a finger wandered over the edge into the bra and found its way to the nipple.

I really winced the first time he touched my buds. I really melted when he caressed it tenderly and my pussy was getting wetter.

Now the whole hand slipped into a bra cup and hugged my chest. "Hey Carina, you have great boobs - I like them," he gasped in my ear and his other hand quickly disappeared into the other half-cup. With both breasts fully under control, we were both incredibly horny and I whispered in his ear: "And I want your cock right now!"

I released himself from his grip, turned around and opened his pants, kneeling in front of him.

A huge thing from the stand sprang towards me and bobbed up and down in front of me. His cock was almost as big as the boss's - and I immediately slipped it deep into my mouth. The colleague groaned a lot when I started sucking hard. The huge thing was great and I licked it off the whole length.

The owner of this splendid specimen was already in my blouse from above, of course on my boobs. He had grabbed both of them and gently kneaded them in their bra. And I reciprocated by blowing vigorously. And all of this in the hallway and in front of the copier.

With nimble fingers I opened my blouse very quickly and loosened the fastener of my bra.

I had to grin when I remembered how practical such a front bra is. The colleague immediately grabbed my two cute girls again and rocked them gently back and forth. And I continued to suck hard on his hard cock. Man-o-man, I was just thinking, this thing right in your cunt, it will be a feast for your horniness.

And at that moment it exploded in my mouth.

When the first drops of his cream came, I let his boner slip out of my mouth in shock and at the same time I had a thick fat load of cum on my face. At high pressure it came out of my colleague and he pumped the second charge into my hair. Now I grabbed his bar with both hands and shook it hard to get everything down to the last drop. It was now splashing out like a fountain and my shaking made the drops buzz around the whole hallway - I even saw a few splashes on the ceiling.

I hadn't emptied such a high-pressure syringe in a long time - if only this cannon had only gotten into my cunt, I thought a little wistfully.

My colleague made a very satisfied expression - no wonder after my treatment. Only I was a little dissatisfied because I couldn't get this thing in my pussy - I would have liked to have been banged in detail by this huge part. While the guy was putting his little friend back in his pants, I put my boobs back into my bra and was looking forward to my wanking at home tonight - I would enjoy the whole thing again in great detail while I caress my clitoris like a wild girl and would massage ...

When I got home that evening I was horny like rarely before. I grabbed my vibrator and still dressed in the costume I threw myself on the couch in the living room.

I spread my legs and immediately a finger disappeared in the panties where finally an incredibly horny and soaking wet pussy was waiting for me. My finger immediately hit the slippery clit and I couldn't help but rub it hard. Still under the impression of the huge cock that had unloaded so nicely in my face in the afternoon, it came to me very violently for the first time after a short rubbing. I let myself fall completely into orgasm and enjoyed the fulfillment of my lust for sex.

Now I was a little satisfied for the time being - but of course that wasn't enough. I quickly took off my costume and took the boobs out of their lovely wrappers. The nipples were nice and hard and while I lay back on the couch I let the vibrator hum gently over them like peas they straightened up and I closed my eyes to enjoy this nice feeling on the breasts. With my buzzing pleasure donor, I hopped from breast to breast to do something good for the buds with gentle vibrations.

Now my boobs shouldn't have been in a bra, because the pointed nipples would have pierced the fabric safely.

After the first orgasm my lust had relaxed a bit, now I got a crazy feeling of sexual greed again - I got really keen on sex again. If only there was a guy here now, I still thought - but then I put my little vibrating friend at the top of my hot column and switched on. I went off like a rocket - if the vibrator hums in the right place, then I don't need a man anymore. My body twitched wildly in an indescribable lust.

I now pushed the stick fully into my pussy and literally bored into every corner - always vibrating strongly it gave me real shivers of pleasure.

Then I just left it in my grotto and stroked my boobs, because I was also quite sensitive there. My little friend hummed me pretty strongly towards my next orgasm. But I wanted to delay it a bit and just switched off the buzzer.

As with a real tail, I then poked around in my cunt. First and foremost, always diligently in and out, then a little back and forth - just like when banging. I had grasped the stick with both hands in order to be able to strike more forcefully. Always in and out - and I dreamed of the big thing my boss had with which he had recently fucked me so nicely.

Another variant of my jerk-off pleasure was now my turn.

With my right hand I pushed the vibrator into my pussy and with the index finger of my left hand I rubbed over the clitoris. Man - my pleasure button was slippery. I whirled over it nice and fast, my little fingers can get incredibly fast when I'm horny. And my dildo continued to thrust like my boss.

My horniness knew no bounds that evening, if I don't get my money's worth during the day, then in the evening it will be waxed until it comes - a very simple thing actually.

It would have been just as easy to give myself an orgasm now that would have washed up. But I didn't want to yet, I wanted to go even higher.

I now knelt on all fours on the floor and pushed the stick deep into my pussy from behind - as if a guy were going to make the stallion for me. Then I switched the buzzer back on and rocked my whole body very slowly back and forth. Always back and forth - and the pleasure donor hummed deep in my pussy.

Through this rocking back and forth, my boobs began to swing beautifully, always rocking back and forth. It would have been a great sight for a man to see my breasts shaking like that. On the one hand I felt the hot looks on my rocking boobs and on the other hand I longed for strong hands that could now knead nicely.

The humming and the bobbing of the breasts made me almost crazy now and now I wanted to let it come to me. But then another idea occurred to me.

I put the vibrator upright on the floor and slowly astride it - as if I were riding a man. And then it went completely off with me. I rode like a wild one and let the pugs hop again, this time vertically up and down. I held my hands flat in front of it and let the hard nipples slide past my palms.

I especially liked that when I rode a guy, then he had to play nicely on my buds and thrust his tail at the same time. The vibrator now did this job.

And then I exploded. The orgasm spread slowly and then very intensely from the pussy over my whole body. I just let myself down and gave myself the rest with nimble wanking fingers.

I rubbed my clit with my index and middle fingers until I felt like I was running out. The orgasm shook me so much that I almost passed out. My lower body twitched and trembled - and then suddenly I just lay there very still and let the pleasure slowly fade away ...

Man, what was that nice - I had previously said that a woman is best when she takes care of it herself. This evening here was surely proof of that.

The increase would have been now if I had done such a wank together with Yvonne. Let's see if that would ever be possible.

When I told Yvonne about my hot experience at the copier, she just grinned: “That has happened to me too, and not just to me. All the secretaries have already been nibbled at the copier. We girls like to grab our boobs again and again - from behind like you do. "

"Do you get really banged or do your colleagues just let someone suck you like me?"

"Thank god no.

I was already fucked by 2 guys. I sat on the copier and the two of them took turns poking around in me. Wonderful, I tell you! "Enthused Yvonne.

"What other games are there in the office?" I wanted to know.

Yvonne thought for a moment and said: “Panty guessing is very popular with colleagues and secretaries. On an appointed day, all secretaries wear different colored panties and colleagues have to guess the color of each one.

That means, on these days the guys try harder than usual to look under our secretaries' skirts. But we always have the shortest skirts on so as not to make it too difficult. "

“And what happens when someone taps the right color,” I wanted to know.

Yvonne grinned: “What do you think? The secretary concerned can be banged on the spot. The panties are not allowed to be taken off and the boys have to stick their cocks straight into the secretary and give her a few shots, and it is not allowed to spray. We girls have to be careful because sometimes the boys are so hot that they want to pump their juice into a secretary right away, especially if they have already 'pricked' several of us beforehand. "

I thought this game was really great.

“But when will the colleagues finally be able to inject? The guys must be crazy horny if they guessed several panties correctly. So where do you put the juice? ”I wanted to know.

“Of course, the object of their desire is sprayed on - directly on the secretaries' panties. But I won't reveal more, you can see for yourself what is going on in the office when guessing panties. ”Yvonne tensed me up quite a bit, and that with my horniness.

And then the day came when such panty-guessing should take place. Yvonne and the other secretaries had given me notice the day before and I dressed accordingly that day.

I wore a short, wide skirt and not, as usual, rather tight skirts, because of course I wanted my colleagues to recognize my panty color quickly and I could get a dick in quickly. My panties were bright red that day and they stretched nice and tight over my bottom.

When I saw the other secretaries that day, I had to grin, because they all wore short skirts similar to mine. These babes didn't want to make it so difficult for their colleagues either, they certainly all wanted to hear the right color as quickly as possible in order to get a stand in quickly. Just like me !!!

As soon as I entered the company when I went up the stairs, I felt the looks of my colleagues under my skirt.

Now only a gust of wind would have been missing and everyone would have seen 'red' - and I might have one in there right away. When I passed the copier I saw Yvonne in a clear pose - she was just being banged by the guy I had already sucked at the same place. She grinned at me and bobbed up and down with her whole body, the two did it while standing. My juices were running together again and I only hoped that somebody would soon guess the color of my panties correctly.

Shortly afterwards a colleague came towards me and looked rather lustfully at my legs and skirt."I guess black," he whispered to me and was about to open his pants. I was annoyed that I hadn't put on black panties today and shook my head really annoyed. "I'm sorry, my dear, but I was wearing black yesterday," I said, and would have loved to change the rules of the game immediately.

Shortly before my office I discovered another colleague. It'll be something this time, I told myself, and quickly put my briefcase on the floor.

I bent down really low and let the skirt slide up over my bottom. The guy got peep eyes when he saw me like that. The color of my panties was probably no longer a problem, I was just thinking when the colleague came up to me and had the pants half open. He called from afar: “Carina is bright red under her skirt.

Now get ready for something, I've been keen on you for a long time. "

I finally got it worried now. I now lifted the skirt all the way up and pushed the panties aside a little at the front. When the guy saw my blonde pussy, he let his cock jump out. A real mast sprang up from his pants, just the right size for my hot pussy.

And so I got the first one for today in front of my office door

He was standing in front of me and I spread my legs a little. We hugged and in the same instant he was inside. I looked at him a bit surprised because of his speed, but he just grinned and groaned: "Man, Carina, what am I hot for you ...", he got no further, because now he thrust into me powerfully and gave me the first beautiful one Fuck this day.

He had a really firm grip on me, both hands under my skirt on my bottom, and always pulled me close while he pushed hard. That was good.

But now it had to be enough: “Hey, now take it easy, the day is still long. And you sure want to miss another Yvonne, don't you? ”I wanted to slow him down.

“Not only Yvonne, today it's Iris, Tina, Sandra and Brigitte too. Today I'm going to fuck all the secretaries that walk around here.

But I was most excited about you today, you turned me on so much the last few days that I only think of you in my weighting dreams. ", He confessed and very slowly he pulled his thing out of my pussy.

"Neither of us banged for the last time today, either," I prophesied to him, "I'll have more sex with you, I really like your cock."

He straightened my panties and wished me many more horny engravers for today and disappeared in the direction of the copier. If he could get past Yvonne - I think he would quickly give her one right now.

I was just getting to my desk when the phone rang. A male voice answered: "I'm tapping red." I understood immediately and asked where his office is. And already I was on my way.

When I got to his room he was sitting behind the desk and shaking his cock.

The guy jerked off even faster than he saw me. Since his bar had already reached enormous proportions, I immediately took action. I walked around the desk and stood with legs apart over his legs while he just sat there and even continued to jerk off. I pushed my panties aside again and showed him my blonde pussy. Then I loosened his hand from the cock, because now he had waxed enough, now it was time to fuck.

When I looked at his giant stick, I had only one wish: to get this thing in my pussy.

I stood over him and slowly sat down on him. And then I was already hopping around on him, I felt my boobs bounce beautifully. His latte was really good for me - and I wanted to make him even hotter. I opened my blouse and also the bra and let my breasts bob freely in front of him.

They rocked around violently in front of his nose, and stimulated by that he pushed his cock against me now and again. We would have liked to continue banging like this, but the rules of the game said that the cock was only allowed into the girls for a few thrusts.

So I got down from the colleague and immediately he began to jerk off again while he could not take his hot gaze from my bosom. He looked closely as I put my boobs back into my bra and buttoned my blouse. And he continued to jerk off diligently. "If you keep shaking your cock like that, it won't be much more secretary banging.

I would look for a new girl in your place and fuck her nicely, "I suggested to him when I left his office again.

Another colleague came up to me in the hallway and trilled to himself: "... Carina has red panties on - Carina has red panties on ...". I nodded to him, immediately leaned against the wall and lifted my skirt.

His cock was already up and seconds later he slowly pushed his thing deep inside me. He pushed me hard against the wall with his tail and immediately fidgeted with the front of my blouse. Both hands were now on my bra and kneaded my boobs nicely. I closed my eyes and enjoyed this quickie. But much too soon he pulled his bar out again and the fuck was over.

But there were still a few colleagues ahead of me.

Shortly afterwards I met Yvonne, who immediately asked me how much I had in there. But she had already overtaken me. “I've been pushed five times this morning,” she enthused, “once even two at the same time. The boys almost crawl on the floor just to look under my skirt.

And when they see my panties they get banged. At Iris, a colleague has already hosed down and the boss is fucking Sandra and Tina at the same time. He looked at her panties while they danced on his desk. How about you - already had enough cocks? ", She asked me.

"Keep - no! Far from it.

I'm jerking off now, if a cock doesn't show up right away. ”I was just answering when two colleagues came in.

"Carina red and Yvonne black," said the first while the second was already opening his pants. Yvonne and I grinned at each other and willingly leaned over the desk. Leaning side by side on the desk, we offered the two of them our buttocks. The colleagues came up to us promptly and lifted our skirts up over our bums.

Now the panties were pushed aside and my and Yvonne's pussy were exposed. We both looked at each other with a grin when the two colleagues penetrated us at the same time. They grabbed both of us at the pool and thrust forcefully. In the same rhythm they banged us through, always in and out their tails slipped into us girls.

We heard one colleague: "I always say it - secretaries fuck each other the best of all the girls, don't they?"

The other replied, while he was still poking around firmly inside me with his tail: “Of course - and Carina is the best.

She turns me on with her short skirts and her horny boobs. ”They talked as if the two of us weren't there - and still they fucked us hard with their divine boners.

I also talked to Yvonne: "Well, my engraver has a great latte, he bangs wonderfully."

“Mine has a great speed and it could fuck me for hours. I love his cock. He's already fucked me with it many times. "Yvonne enthused me.

Now I intervened: “Hey guys, now it's time to change the secretary. Come on - swap the girls now! ”Yvonne looked quite perplexed at first, but then she complied.

Yvonne was right, my new engraver had great technique.

With short, powerful strokes he massaged every corner of my pussy, I felt him everywhere at the same time. And then the two of them went to the boobs. As if on command, they unbuttoned Yvonne and me, took out our breasts and rocked them gently back and forth. We both just moaned now, we liked it very much.

"Man - Carina may have great boobs!" Enthused mine and crawled with nimble fingers on my hard nipple.

And because he was still banging me nicely at the same time, I couldn't help it: I let it come to me ...

And so I had the first orgasm of the day, next to Yvonne and bent over the desk. When the boys saw that I had just come, they pulled their tails out and straightened our panties under our skirts again.

Shortly after I finally got back to my desk there was a knock and another colleague came in and greeted me with "Hello Carina, I type in black for you!" "Unlucky", I had to answer him. And then he was gone again.

An hour later, a colleague came in whom I had always wanted to piss off with. He should fuck me now, so I hoped he'd guess the color of my panties right away.

He was sitting in front of my desk chatting a bit, but I think we were both thinking the same thing. To give the whole thing a little more speed, I rolled my chair back from the desk so that my colleague could see my legs. And when he started to guess my panty color, I slowly opened my legs and spread them further and further apart. With the shortness of my skirt, he should be able to see my panties now.

And with a redeeming exclamation of 'red' we finally started.

When he got around my desk, his cock was already stiff in front of him. I just had time to put my legs right and left over the back of the chair and push the panties aside - the tip of his tail was already on my pussy. And a moment later it was inside me all the way. And then he fucked me wonderfully.

I enjoyed every single thrust - finally, this guy I had been keen on for a long time banged me.

I had already waxed a lot at home and thought of him. And now I let him fuck me. And he fucked very well. Always full length in my hot hole and out again immediately.

I lay back completely and let him fuck her. And while he was poking around inside of me, my blouse was unbuttoned for the fourth time for today and my bra was admired. It must have turned him on to what he was seeing.

"Now I'll fuck you until your boobs jump out of your bra," he gasped at me and increased his fucking speed. My breasts began to move nicely, they kept bouncing up and down and I wondered if the bra would be able to withstand its sweet load.

My engraver delighted in my wiggling boobs and saw from his hot expression that he liked what he was seeing. Lots of guys got horny on my bosom and gallons of sperm was already sprayed on it. And now it was done: first one breast, then the other, jumped out of the top of the bra and then they wobbled up and down violently in front of his eyes, always in sync with his thrusts in my cunt.

But now I had to end the bum, as much as I liked it, because the rules of the game called for only short nudges into the secretary after the color of the panties was guessed right. And so I turned away from under my trigger and let the really great cock slide out of my pussy and pushed my panties back over my pussy.

“At some point I'll really fuck you, you're a horny bride, Carina.

The next time I'll pump my juice into your pussy at high pressure, I'll tell you that, "the colleague prophesied to me.

"And I ask for it. I could fall in love with your cock. You can also visit me at home - a lot of sperm has already been spattered in my bed, and yours is still missing, my dear! "

As soon as my last engraver was out of my office, Yvonne came in and said: “So Carina, now the finale of our panty game today is coming. And since you're the newest secretary, it's in your office.

I will explain was briefly what always goes on: So - all participants in the game meet in an office. We secretaries take off our panties and our colleagues jerk off. If you want, you can wrap a pair of panties around your tail and shake it. And finally, everyone squirts their juice on our panties.

It starts in half an hour. "

“Hey - that's a great finale after such a great day. But what about us girls? I'm so horny now that I could use a whole company of studs. When are we going to be really finished? ”I wanted to know.

Yvonne replied: “Unfortunately, that's a disadvantage of this game, the secretaries get almost nothing. If they haven't already got their money's worth during the day, all that's left is jerking off.

For example, on an evening like this, when I come home I rub one down so hard that it even comes to me several times .. Sometimes I jerk off for over an hour, "

Okay, then there was a lot going on on my couch tonight, I already knew that.

And then came the final. Five secretaries and eight male colleagues came in to me in a relaxed mood. Yvonne took over the direction: "So dear ones, and now all the secretaries on this wall here and you boys spread out along the window." Everyone took up the position as suggested by Yvonne.

We secretaries all stood next to each other and looked at our excited colleagues - the lust flashed out of their eyes towards us.

“And now girls,” giggled Yvonne, “put on your skirts, the boys finally want to see our panties in all their glory. Come on! Show them to them! "

And then the boys saw the objects of their desire. All five secretaries had their short skirts in their hands and proudly presented their long legs and of course their super small sexy panties. For the boys it was certainly an image for the gods - and of course it did not have an effect.

And while we were waving our skirts around, the colleagues took out their tails and cheered them up in front of us secretaries. Eight big stiff cocks were now standing in front of us in all their splendor, I had already had one or the other of them in my pussy today.

We girls were amazed at the zeal with which our colleagues jerked off. But one or the other of us would like to shake these hard slats a little bit - at least I do! The boys got really excited about us secretaries again, but they certainly did that all day.

Yvonne put the crown on top of it all. She pulled off her black panties and tossed it to one of the wanking colleagues.

He grabbed the panties, wrapped them around his cock and jerked them around at a mad pace. It had to be fun to jerk off with panties like that, because now the others wanted our panties too.

"Carina - panties off! Carina - panties down! Carina - panties off! ", They kept shouting in chorus - and just kept jerking off. I didn't know if they wanted my panties to jerk off with or if they just wanted to see my blonde pussy. I didn't care - I was horny and allowed my colleagues to have fun.

So I pulled my panties down and tossed them to one of the coworkers. He sniffed it first and then put it on the hard bar. And there my panties now hung like on a clothesline.

I called to him: "Jerk off! - Wank! - Jerk off! "

And then he did - and how! My panties whirled around his cock, which he was now shaking obsessively. Man - how did this guy stand it - at the speed the cock should actually squirt in a high arc.

The sight made me incredibly horny - I would have liked to jerk off with - or even better let myself be banged properly.

The other colleagues followed us and also took off their panties. The boys were now a bit hectic, because there weren't enough panties for every cock and they wrestled about it. They ran around each other with springy tails and grabbed the thrown panties. Anyone who caught one wrapped it around their favorite piece and then shook it around intensely.

And we secretaries stood in front of them with bare pussies and were definitely an exciting sight.

Yvonne was probably afraid that the boys might inject at the wrong moment and interrupted the wanking: “So guys, now it's over! You know how our panty guessing is locked according to the rules. So go ahead, now we're off to the final sprint.Now put all the sweet panties on Carina's desk and then all of your loads sprayed on it at the same time - as always! "

The colleagues reluctantly obeyed. One by one, they placed their trophies on my desk.

And when all five panties are nicely lined up, the colleagues stand in a circle around my desk, each with a huge mast in front of them. So many cocks in front of my desk - that was just too good to be true.

And then I gave the start command: “On your marks! To the tails! Start spraying! "

And then what the tails gave was waxed. The guys shook their horniness out at a mad pace. The first syringe immediately after my command, a white stream of semen shot across my desk and landed on Tina's dark blue panties.

Apparently that spurred the other guys on now too. While moaning loudly, they whirled their tails and jerked the juice out.

Almost at the same time they squirted. Her loads shot down on our stretched panties from all sides.

One after the other fired his sperm with violent moans. When my red panties were also nice and white, my hand slipped almost automatically to the pussy and I quickly rubbed a little bit over my clit. Man - was I maybe hot - that was super awesome here! The guys squirt their hot juice over the secretaries' panties without stopping and soaking them up with their white goo.

My desk was littered with semen.

I was just imagining that I was lying on the desk and my colleagues would cum on my body. That would be a party for me now - man, that would be great now!

With this injection, the panty guessing was over for today.

I took my sperm-soaked red panties home with me in the evening. On the way home I was so horny that I was already playing my pussy here. When I got home, I immediately threw myself fully clothed on the couch, spread my legs and jerked my clitoris obsessively.

It came to me after a short rubbing. After this day of total horniness I had a super orgasm. I almost passed out when I quickly pushed my vibrator deep into my pussy. I twitched like a wild all over my body and just screamed my insane lust out unrestrained.

That was finally the fulfillment of my pent-up lust for sex.

I lay on the couch for a quarter of an hour with my legs apart and my pussy open - but because no stiff cock was boring into it, I got up and thought about what else I could do this evening.

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