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1934 silver certificate dating

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Condition is key to values, see more about condition and how to "Grade" your Peace dollars below.The most lofty Peace dollar values are reserved for "Uncirculated" coins.Star notes are also worth more than regular issues.We have a great guide to large size star notes When dealing with oversized currency, condition is extremely important. 70 is the highest grade and virtually unobtainable.However, large size currency presents a lot of bang for the buck.Oversized currency is so unique and different to the non-collector that it is often the first area of the hobby pursued. Consult "Bank Note Reporter," Krause Publications, usually available at your local book store. There were many different banks on the National Currency Notes and they vary in price. If your note has not been trimmed, but in fact was cut uneven at the BEP and the reverse was normal, your note would have a small premium.

If it is attracted to the magnet, that means it has been copper plated. If the coin is not attracted to the magnet, you may want to take it to a local coin dealer for authentication. Click here to read an article from "Numismatic News." Learn The Facts, by Alan Hebert For up to date information on coins and currency we recommend that you invest in some numismatic reference books.With just a few rare dates, the condition of your coin is a significant factor. Computed from dealer's price lists with various mark-up factors figured in.They reflect closely the value you would expect to receive when selling.Dealers pay anywhere from 1-1/2¢ to 2-1/2¢ each for circulated wheat cents. Most circulated 90% silver coins are treated as bullion silver and are traded as such depending on what the silver market is for that day. Please check our recommendations by following the link.However, there are some key dates that are worth much more. A well circulated silver quarter is worth approximately .00 today. In 1938, silver notes were reintroduced for 1 and 2½ guilders.Text is available under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License; additional terms may apply.Uncirculated or also known as Mint State coins are the most eagerly sought.The uncirculated Peace silver dollar pictured is an example of a very desirable coin. Even though Peace dollars were minted for only a short span of years, it is a popular series with collectors and does have its share of rarities.1921 the first year of issue and 1928 are the two rare dates you are hoping to find. Most of the value is found in the higher "Grades", better condition coins.